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Herman's Hermits

UK SinglesFirst Charted
East West01 Dec 1966
Sleepy Joe01 May 1968
Just A Little Bit Better02 Sep 1965
No Milk Today06 Oct 1966
Years May Come, Years May Go07 Feb 1970
Here Comes The Star08 Nov 1969
There's A Kind Of Hush09 Feb 1967
Lady Barbara14 Nov 1970
I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving17 Jan 1968
Sunshine Girl17 Jul 1968
Something's Happening18 Dec 1968
Silhouettes18 Feb 1965
Show Me Girl19 Nov 1964
I'm Into Something Good20 Aug 1964
My Sentimental Friend23 Apr 1969
A Must To Avoid23 Dec 1965
This Door Swings Both Ways23 Jun 1966
Bet Yer Life I Do23 May 1970
You Won't Be Leaving24 Mar 1966
Wonderful World29 Apr 1965

US SinglesFirst Charted
I'm Into Something Good17 Oct 1964
Can't You Hear My Heartbeat30 Jan 1965
Silhouettes03 Apr 1965
Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter17 Apr 1965
Wonderful World29 May 1965
I'm Henry The VIII, I Am03 Jul 1965
Just A Little Bit Better18 Sep 1965
A Must To Avoid25 Dec 1965
Listen People19 Feb 1966
Leaning On The Lamp Post09 Apr 1966
This Door Swings Both Ways09 Jul 1966
Dandy01 Oct 1966
East West03 Dec 1966
There's A Kind Of Hush11 Feb 1967
No Milk Today18 Feb 1967
Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Going To Melt)24 Jun 1967
Museum26 Aug 1967
I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving13 Jan 1968
Sleepy Joe11 May 1968