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UK SinglesFirst Charted
My Girl Loves Me02 Feb 1985
There It Is (Edited Version)04 Sep 1982
Take That To The Bank09 Dec 1978
Right In The Socket09 Feb 1980
Dead Giveaway11 Jun 1983
A Night To Remember (Edited Version)12 Jun 1982
Disappearing Act13 Aug 1983
Uptown Festival (Part 1)14 May 1977
Over And Over (Edit)15 Oct 1983
Dancing In The Sheets24 Mar 1984
The Second Time Around24 Nov 1979
Amnesia24 Nov 1984
A Night To Remember (Re-Mix)26 Apr 1986
I Can Make You Feel Good27 Mar 1982
Friends (Edit)27 Nov 1982
Make That Move28 Mar 1981
I Owe You One30 Aug 1980
Deadline U.S.A.31 Mar 1984

US SinglesFirst Charted
Uptown Festival (Motown Medley) (Part 1)12 Mar 1977
Take That To The Bank13 Jan 1979
The Second Time Around08 Dec 1979
Full Of Fire20 Dec 1980
Make That Move25 Apr 1981
A Night To Remember10 Apr 1982
Dead Giveaway25 Jun 1983
Dancing In The Sheets17 Mar 1984
Amnesia17 Nov 1984