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Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard

UK SinglesFirst Charted
I Love You01 Dec 1960
Take Me High01 Dec 1973
Carrie02 Feb 1980
On The Beach02 Jul 1964
Theme For A Dream02 Mar 1961
Never Let Go02 Oct 1993
Mistletoe And Wine03 Dec 1988
Hot Shot03 Nov 1979
Shooting From The Heart03 Nov 1984
Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More)03 Sep 1983
Hey Mr. Dream Maker04 Dec 1976
Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)04 Nov 1965
I Still Believe In You05 Dec 1992
My Kinda Life05 Mar 1977
I Ain't Got Time Anymore05 Sep 1970
The Next Time06 Dec 1962
With The Eyes Of A Child06 Dec 1969
I'm The Lonely One06 Feb 1964
Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha06 Jun 1970
It'll Be Me06 Sep 1962
The Miracle07 Aug 1999
It's In Every One Of Us07 Dec 1985
We Should Be Together07 Dec 1991
Miss You Nights07 Feb 1976
Don't Talk To Him07 Nov 1963
Saviour's Day08 Dec 1990
I'll Come Running08 Jun 1967
Mean Streak08 May 1959
Devil Woman08 May 1976
The Twelfth Of Never08 Oct 1964
Heart User09 Feb 1985
Lucky Lips09 May 1963
Dynamite09 Oct 1959
Travellin' Light09 Oct 1959
Silvery Rain10 Apr 1971
I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)10 Dec 1964
Miss You Nights10 Dec 1994
Bachelor Boy10 Jan 1963
Living Doll10 Jul 1959
On My Word10 Jun 1965
The Best Of Me10 Jun 1989
Do You Want To Dance10 May 1962
I'm Lookin' Out The Window10 May 1962
The Young Ones11 Jan 1962
This New Year11 Jan 1992
The Minute You're Gone11 Mar 1965
Jesus11 Mar 1972
Human Work Of Art12 Jun 1993
Help It Along12 May 1973
Tomorrow Rising12 May 1973
Move It!12 Sep 1958
Two Hearts13 Feb 1988
Sing A Song Of Freedom13 Nov 1971
Time Drags By13 Oct 1966
From A Distance13 Oct 1990
Lean On You14 Oct 1989
She's So Beautiful14 Sep 1985
More To Life14 Sep 1991
In The Country15 Dec 1966
Expresso Bongo (EP)15 Jan 1960
Never Mind15 May 1959
All My Love15 Nov 1967
The Day I Met Marie16 Aug 1967
Dreamin'16 Aug 1980
When Two Worlds Drift Apart16 Jul 1977
It's All Over16 Mar 1967
Flying Machine17 Jul 1971
The Only Way Out17 Jul 1982
Power To All Our Friends17 Mar 1973
Healing Love18 Dec 1993
(You Keep Me) Hanging On18 May 1974
The Time In Between19 Aug 1965
When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart19 Oct 1961
My Pretty One20 Jun 1987
Congratulations20 Mar 1968
I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You21 Aug 1976
Summer Holiday21 Feb 1963
Visions21 Jul 1966
We Don't Talk Anymore21 Jul 1979
High Class Baby21 Nov 1958
Daddy's Home21 Nov 1981
Got A Funny Feeling21 Oct 1961
Misunderstood Man21 Oct 1995
It's All In The Game22 Aug 1963
A Voice In The Wilderness22 Jan 1960
A Girl Like You22 Jun 1961
Nine Times Out Of Ten22 Sep 1960
Sunny Honey Girl23 Jan 1971
'D' In Love24 Dec 1960
Stronger Than That24 Feb 1990
A Little In Love24 Jan 1981
Fall In Love With You24 Mar 1960
Blue Turns To Grey24 Mar 1966
Can't Keep This Feeling In24 Oct 1998
Silhouettes25 Aug 1990
Be With Me Always25 Jan 1997
Marianne25 Sep 1968
Where Do We Go From Here25 Sep 1982
Living In Harmony26 Aug 1972
I Just Don't Have The Heart26 Aug 1989
Good Times (Better Times)26 Feb 1969
I'll Love You Forever Today26 Jun 1968
Willie And The Hand Jive26 Mar 1960
Please Don't Fall In Love26 Nov 1983
Peace In Our Time27 Mar 1993
Don't Forget To Catch Me27 Nov 1968
The Millenium Prayer27 Nov 1999
Ocean Deep28 Apr 1984
Big Ship28 May 1969
Wired For Sound29 Aug 1981
Some People29 Aug 1987
Constantly (L'Edera)30 Apr 1964
Livin' Lovin' Doll30 Jan 1959
Please Don't Tease30 Jun 1960
Gee Whiz It's You30 Mar 1961
Green Light31 Mar 1979
Baby You're Dynamite31 Mar 1984
Remember Me31 Oct 1987

US SinglesFirst Charted
Living Doll28 Sep 1959
Lucky Lips03 Aug 1963
It's All In The Game07 Dec 1963
I'm The Lonely One18 Apr 1964
Bachelor Boy01 Aug 1964
Congratulations08 Jun 1968
Devil Woman03 Jul 1976
I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You18 Dec 1976
Don't Turn The Light Out04 Jun 1977
We Don't Talk Anymore20 Oct 1979
Carrie23 Feb 1980
Dreaming13 Sep 1980
A Little In Love13 Dec 1980
Give A Little Bit More25 Apr 1981
Wired For Sound10 Oct 1981
Daddy's Home16 Jan 1982
The Only Way Out09 Oct 1982
Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More)08 Oct 1983