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Duran Duran

UK SinglesFirst Charted
Notorious01 Nov 1986
I Don't Want Your Love01 Oct 1988
The Wild Boys03 Nov 1984
Violence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over)04 Aug 1990
New Moon On Monday04 Feb 1984
Too Much Information04 Sep 1993
All She Wants Is (45 Mix)07 Jan 1989
Come Undone10 Apr 1993
Rio13 Nov 1982
Hungry Like The Wolf15 May 1982
Burning The Ground16 Dec 1989
Careless Memories16 May 1981
White Lines (Don't Do It)17 Jun 1995
Serious17 Nov 1990
A View To A Kill18 May 1985
Save A Prayer21 Aug 1982
Planet Earth21 Feb 1981
Skin Trade (Radio Cut)21 Feb 1987
Do You Believe In Shame?22 Apr 1989
Out Of My Mind24 May 1997
Meet El Presidente25 Apr 1987
Girls On Film25 Jul 1981
Perfect Day25 Mar 1995
Is There Something I Should Know?26 Mar 1983
The Reflex28 Apr 1984
My Own Way28 Nov 1981
Union Of The Snake29 Oct 1983
Ordinary World30 Jan 1993
Electric Barbarella30 Jan 1999

US SinglesFirst Charted
Hungry Like The Wolf25 Dec 1982
Rio02 Apr 1983
Is There Something I Should Know04 Jun 1983
Union Of The Snake05 Nov 1983
New Moon On Monday14 Jan 1984
The Reflex21 Apr 1984
Wild Boys03 Nov 1984
Save A Prayer02 Feb 1985
A View To A Kill18 May 1985
Notorious01 Nov 1986
Skin Trade31 Jan 1987
Meet El Presidente02 May 1987
I Don't Want Your Love15 Oct 1988
All She Wants Is24 Dec 1988
Do You Believe In Shame?18 Mar 1989
Violence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over)01 Sep 1990
Ordinary World09 Jan 1993
Come Undone17 Apr 1993
Too Much Information04 Sep 1993
Electric Barbarella11 Oct 1997
(Reach Up For The) Sunrise06 Nov 2004