108 S. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL

Saturday, 22nd October 1932Whistlin' Dan
Sunday, 23rd October 1932Business and Pleasure
Friday, 22nd September 1939Second Fiddle
Saturday, 23rd September 1939In Old Caliente
Sunday, 24th September 1939 - Monday, 25th September 19395th Ave. Girl
Tuesday, 26th September 1939 - Wednesday, 27th September 1939Under-Pup
Thursday, 28th September 1939 - Friday, 29th September 1939Daughters Courageous
Friday, 20th October 1939Lady of the Tropics
Saturday, 21st October 1939Frontier Marshal
Sunday, 22nd October 1939 - Monday, 23rd October 1939Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Tuesday, 24th October 1939 - Wednesday, 25th October 1939Nurse Edith Cavell
Thursday, 26th October 1939 - Friday, 27th October 1939Star Maker
Friday, 23rd February 1940Balalaika
Saturday, 24th February 1940Days of Jesse James
Sunday, 25th February 1940 - Monday, 26th February 1940Broadway Melody of 1940
Tuesday, 27th February 1940 - Wednesday, 28th February 1940Man From Dakota
Thursday, 29th February 1940 - Friday, 1st March 1940Hunchback of Notre Dame
Wednesday, 26th May 1948Panhandle
Friday, 16th September 1949 - Saturday, 17th September 1949Secret Garden
Friday, 7th December 1951 - Saturday, 8th December 1951Joe Palooka in the Big Fight
Friday, 7th December 1951 - Saturday, 8th December 1951Arizona Raiders
Saturday, 13th April 1957Palomino