Hard times for mom and pop websites.
As social media has overtaken the web, advertising revenue has declined, in 2016 we were breaking even, since January this year I have been running at a loss.

The internet is out to get us. On July 1st, google start shaming non-secure sites, we are a non-secure site - sounds awful, but as we don't process credit cards or store social security numbers, I've never been that bothered.

Anyway I shall purchase an SSL license, kill the satellite sites (filmdope and songdope) and see what happens.

We have yet to see what European legislation will impact the internet but in general the outlook is gloomy.

I'm not giving up yet, though!

I'm informed aveleyman contributor, Mr. Hitchcock, has passed.
A genuinely nice guy whose prolific input to the site in recent months had definitely livened the place up.
Commiserations to his family. Joey B, RIP.
~Tony and all at aveleyman.com

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