The Langoliers

Stephen King's The Langoliers


Tom Holland
Laurel Entertainment Inc.

A jet leaves on a red-eye flight from Los-Angeles to Boston. But early in the flight, ten passengers: a blind girl, a teacher, a machine worker, a musician, a stoner, a mystery writer, a businessman, a mysterious Englishman, and a raving psychopath in a business suit, having passed through a mysterious time warp, awaken to a startling realization: the rest of the passengers and all of the crew have vanished. But once they manage to land the plane to bangor, Maine, the situation doesn't improve. The survivors manage to airport where they discover that time seems to stand still and that they seem to be the only people left on the planet. Moreover, mysterious creatures called Langoliers are heading straight on them...

That adaptation from Stephen King's best selling book to film is simply atmospherically brilliant !!

Stephen King's The Langoliers
14th May 1995

180 mins

Stephen King's The Langoliers
15th October 2007

Stephen King Les Langoliers
18th October 2007


Stephen King's The Langoliers
18th June 2013

179 mins

Patricia Wettig
Laurel Stevenson
Dean Stockwell
Bob Jenkins
David Morse
Brian Engle
Mark Lindsay Chapman
Nick Hopewell
Frankie Faison
Don Gaffney
Baxter Harris
Rudy Warwick
Kimber Riddle
Bethany Simms
Christopher Collet
Albert Kaussner
Kate Maberly
Dinah Belmont
Bronson Pinchot
Craig Toomey
Tom Holland
Michael Louden
Richard Logan
David Forrester
Danny Keene
Chris Hendrie
James Deegan
John Griesemer
Roger Toomy
Christopher Cooke
Craig (Age 9)
Stephen King
Tom Holby
David Kelly
Little Boy
John Winthrop Philbrick
Kymberly Dakin
Doris Heartman
Julie Arnold Lisnet
Aunt Vicki
Jennifer Nichole Porter
Gate Agent
Stephanie Dunham
Little Girl

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