The Magic Christian


Joseph McGrath
Song:If You Want It
Terry Southern

Madcap surrealist romp following the thought that some people will do ANYTHING for money. More often funny-peculiar than funny ha-ha, but enjoyably anti-everything. Yul Brynner's bizarre turn as a songstress is almost worth the admission price.

12th December 1969

11th February 1970

21st January 2003

101 mins

28th May 2013

92 mins

Peter Sellers
Sir Guy Grand
b: Tuesday, 8th September 1925
d: Thursday, 24th July 1980
Ringo Starr
Youngman Grand
b: Sunday, 7th July 1940
Isabel Jeans
Dame Agnes Grand
b: Wednesday, 16th September 1891
d: Wednesday, 4th September 1985
Caroline Blakiston
Hon. Esther Grand
b: Monday, 13th February 1933
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Captain Reginald K. Klaus
b: Tuesday, 12th May 1903
d: Monday, 6th May 1991
Richard Attenborough
Oxford Coach
b: Wednesday, 29th August 1923
d: Sunday, 24th August 2014
Leonard Frey
Laurence Faggot
b: Sunday, 4th September 1938
d: Wednesday, 24th August 1988
Laurence Harvey
b: Monday, 1st October 1928
d: Sunday, 25th November 1973
Christopher Lee
Ship's Vampire
b: Saturday, 27th May 1922
d: Sunday, 7th June 2015
Spike Milligan
Traffic Warden 27
b: Tuesday, 16th April 1918
d: Wednesday, 27th February 2002
Roman Polanski
Solitary Drinker
b: Friday, 18th August 1933
Raquel Welch
Priestess of the Whip
b: Thursday, 5th September 1940
Tom Boyle
My Man Jeff
Victor Maddern
Hot dog vendor
b: Tuesday, 16th March 1926
d: Tuesday, 22nd June 1993
Terence Alexander
Mad Major
b: Sunday, 11th March 1923
d: Thursday, 28th May 2009
Peter Bayliss
Pompous Toff
b: Monday, 27th June 1927
d: Thursday, 1st August 2002
Joan Benham
Socialite in Sotheby's
b: Friday, 17th May 1918
d: Saturday, 13th June 1981
Patrick Cargill
Auctioneer at Sotheby's
b: Monday, 3rd June 1918
d: Thursday, 23rd May 1996
John Cleese
Director in Sotheby's
b: Friday, 27th October 1939
Clive Dunn
b: Friday, 9th January 1920
d: Wednesday, 7th November 2012
Fred Emney
b: Monday, 12th February 1900
d: Thursday, 25th December 1980
Kenneth Fortescue
Snob in Sotheby's
b: Monday, 8th June 1931
d: 1985
Patrick Holt
Duke in Sotheby's
b: Wednesday, 31st January 1912
d: Tuesday, 12th October 1993
David Hutcheson
Lord Barry
b: Wednesday, 14th June 1905
d: Wednesday, 18th February 1976
Hattie Jacques
Ginger Horton
b: Thursday, 7th February 1924
d: Monday, 6th October 1980
Jeremy Lloyd
Lord Hampton
b: Tuesday, 22nd July 1930
d: Monday, 22nd December 2014
David Lodge
Ship's Guide
b: Friday, 19th August 1921
d: Saturday, 18th October 2003
Ferdy Mayne
b: Saturday, 11th March 1916
d: Friday, 30th January 1998
Dennis Price
b: Wednesday, 23rd June 1915
d: Saturday, 6th October 1973
Robert Raglan
b: Wednesday, 7th April 1909
d: Thursday, 18th July 1985
Graham Stark
b: Friday, 20th January 1922
d: Tuesday, 29th October 2013
Michael Aspel
b: Thursday, 12th January 1933
Michael Barrett
b: Tuesday, 3rd January 1928
Sean Barry-Weske
John Lennon
b: Saturday, 2nd March 1940
Harold Berens
b: Wednesday, 4th March 1903
d: Wednesday, 10th May 1995
Yul Brynner
b: Sunday, 11th July 1920
d: Thursday, 10th October 1985
Harry Carpenter
b: Saturday, 17th October 1925
d: Saturday, 20th March 2010
Graham Chapman
Boat Crew
b: Wednesday, 8th January 1941
d: Wednesday, 4th October 1989
Roland Culver
Sir Herbert
b: Tuesday, 21st August 1900
d: Wednesday, 29th February 1984
W. Barrington Dalby
TV Commentator
James Dyrenforth
Socialite in Sotheby's
b: Thursday, 31st January 1895
d: Wednesday, 26th December 1973
Freddie Earlle
b: Saturday, 24th May 1924
d: Saturday, 7th July 2007
Maria Frost
slave girl
Peter Graves
Lord at ship's bar
b: Saturday, 21st October 1911
d: Monday, 6th June 1994
James Laurenson
Oxford Crew
b: 1935
John Le Mesurier
Sir John
b: Friday, 5th April 1912
d: Tuesday, 15th November 1983
Guy Middleton
Duke of Mantisbriar
b: Friday, 14th December 1906
d: Monday, 30th July 1973
Peter Myers
Lord Kilgallon
b: Tuesday, 2nd July 1929
Nosher Powell
Boxer - Ike Jones
b: Wednesday, 15th August 1928
d: Saturday, 20th April 2013
Roy Scammell
b: Thursday, 28th July 1932
Birthe Sector
Slave Girl
Edward Sinclair
Park Attendant
b: Tuesday, 3rd February 1914
d: Monday, 29th August 1977
John Snagge
TV Commentator
b: Sunday, 8th May 1904
d: Monday, 25th March 1996
Stella Tanner
American Woman at Sotheby's
b: Thursday, 1st January 1925
d: Monday, 26th March 2012
Leon Thau
Engine Room Toff
b: Thursday, 8th April 1926
d: Sunday, 16th May 2010
Frank Thornton
Police Inspector
b: Saturday, 15th January 1921
d: Saturday, 16th March 2013
Michael Trubshawe
Sir Lionel
b: Thursday, 7th December 1905
d: Thursday, 21st March 1985
Edward Underdown
Prince Henry
b: Thursday, 3rd December 1908
d: Friday, 15th December 1989
Rita Webb
Woman in Park
b: Thursday, 25th February 1904
d: Sunday, 30th August 1981
Alan Whicker
TV Commentator
b: Sunday, 2nd August 1925
d: Friday, 12th July 2013
Polly Williams
b: Thursday, 5th January 1950
d: Thursday, 24th June 2004
Hein Viljoen
Theatre patron
Rosalind Mendelson
restaurant patron
Victor Harrington
Theatre patron
b: Friday, 27th August 1909
d: Wednesday, 23rd July 1980
Pauline Chamberlain
Theatre patron
b: Sunday, 2nd October 1932