Other People's Money


Norman Jewison

De Vito is on top form as a stockholder who challenges Gregory Peck's flagging New England Wire & Cable company for a takeover bid. Some witty one-liners, a beautiful leading lady and a decent supporting role from Peck make this one of those overlooked comedies, which is not available to buy on DVD in the UK.

The film is dedicated to the actor William De Acutis (who has a small role as one of De Vito's office workers), who died shortly before the films release in 1991.

Danny DeVito
Lawrence Garfield
b: Friday, 17th November 1944
Gregory Peck
Andrew Jorgenson
b: Wednesday, 5th April 1916
d: Thursday, 12th June 2003
Penelope Ann Miller
Kate Sullivan
b: Monday, 13th January 1964
Piper Laurie
Bea Sullivan
b: Friday, 22nd January 1932
Dean Jones
Bill Coles
b: Sunday, 25th January 1931
d: Tuesday, 1st September 2015
R.D. Call
b: 02/16/19??
Mo Gaffney
Harriet (Garfield's secretary)
b: Wednesday, 5th November 1958
Bette Henritze
Emma (Jorgenson's secretary)
b: 1924
d: Thursday, 22nd February 2018
Tom Aldredge
b: Tuesday, 28th February 1928
d: Friday, 22nd July 2011
Peter Brocco
Garfield's Office Valet
b: Friday, 16th January 1903
d: Sunday, 20th December 1992
Barnet Brown
Kate's Neighbor (waiting for elevator)
William De Acutis
b: Tuesday, 17th September 1957
d: Sunday, 5th May 1991
Leila Kenzle
b: Saturday, 16th July 1960
Ric Kidney
Michael Laskin
Michael, the Concierge
b: Tuesday, 3rd April 1951
Mark Pinter
David Wells
Stephanie White

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