The Sentinel


Jeffrey Konvitz
Dick Kratina
Robert Laden
Special Make-Up
Gil Melle
Charles Okun
1st Assistant Director
Dick Smith
Special Make-Up
Albert Whitlock
Special Visual Effects
Michael Winner

A seventies horror that time has been kind to, again mostly because the competition has been awful. Michael Winner is no Dario Argento, but he manages to shock and gross out the audience with this tale of the house built on the gateway to the unspeakable. Gruesome make-up effects from Dick Smith.

28th September 1999


7th September 2004

Chris Sarandon
Michael Lerman
b: Friday, 24th July 1942
Christina Raines
Alison Parker
b: Thursday, 28th February 1952
Martin Balsam
Professor Ruzinsky
b: Tuesday, 4th November 1919
d: Tuesday, 13th February 1996
John Carradine
Father Halliran
b: Monday, 5th February 1906
d: Sunday, 27th November 1988
José Ferrer
robed figure
b: Monday, 8th January 1912
d: Sunday, 26th January 1992
Ava Gardner
Miss Logan
b: Sunday, 24th December 1922
d: Thursday, 25th January 1990
Arthur Kennedy
Father Francino
b: Tuesday, 17th February 1914
d: Friday, 5th January 1990
Burgess Meredith
Charles Chazen
b: Saturday, 16th November 1907
d: Tuesday, 9th September 1997
Sylvia Miles
b: Friday, 9th September 1932
Deborah Raffin
b: Friday, 13th March 1953
d: Wednesday, 21st November 2012
Eli Wallach
Detective Gatz
b: Tuesday, 7th December 1915
d: Tuesday, 24th June 2014
Christopher Walken
b: Wednesday, 31st March 1943
Jerry Orbach
Film Director
b: Sunday, 20th October 1935
d: Tuesday, 28th December 2004
Beverly D'Angelo
b: Thursday, 15th November 1951
Hank Garrett
b: Monday, 26th October 1931
Robert Gerringer
b: Wednesday, 12th May 1926
d: Wednesday, 8th November 1989
Nana Visitor
Girl at End
b: Saturday, 27th July 1957
Tom Berenger
Man at End
b: Tuesday, 31st May 1949
William Hickey
b: Wednesday, 19th September 1928
d: Sunday, 29th June 1997
Gary Allen
Malcolm Sennett
Tresa Hughes
Rebecca Sennett
b: Tuesday, 17th September 1929
d: Sunday, 24th July 2011
Kate Harrington
Mrs. Clark
b: Monday, 8th December 1902
d: Thursday, 23rd November 1978
Jane Hoffman
Lilian Clotkin
b: Monday, 24th July 1911
d: Monday, 26th July 2004
Elaine Shore
Emma Clotkin
b: Monday, 4th March 1929
d: Monday, 19th March 2007
Sam Gray
Dr. Aureton
b: Wednesday, 18th July 1923
Reid Shelton
Fred Stuthman
Alison's Father
b: Friday, 27th June 1919
d: Wednesday, 7th July 1982
Lucie Lancaster
Alison's Mother
b: Tuesday, 15th October 1907
d: Thursday, 24th December 1998
Anthony Holland
Party Host
b: Saturday, 3rd March 1928
d: Saturday, 9th July 1988
Jeff Goldblum
b: Wednesday, 22nd October 1952
Zane Lasky
Mady Heflin
Professor's student
Diane Stillwell
Brenner's Secretary
Ron McLarty
Real Estate Agent
World Trade Center
World Trade Center
b: Wednesday, 4th April 1973
d: Tuesday, 11th September 2001