Sherlock Holmes


William K. Howard

Sherlock Holmes intent on marrying his sweetheart and retiring after arch foe, Moriarty, is captured. Moriarty has different ideas though.

One for the "not bad" category, even if the concept of a domesticated Holmes is a bit hard to swallow. Watson is very peripheral to the action as well. But Torrence makes the most of Moriarty.

6th November 1932


Clive Brook
Sherlock Holmes

Miriam Jordan
Alice Faulkner

Ernest Torrence
Professor James Moriarty

Herbert Mundin
George, Publican

Reginald Owen
Dr. Watson

Howard Leeds
Little Billy

Alan Mowbray
Colonel Gore-King

C. Montague Shaw

Frank Atkinson
Man in Pub

Ivan Simpson

Stanley Fields
Tony Ardetti/Homer Jones

Ted Billings
Carnival Thug

Roy D'Arcy
Manuel Lopez

Edward Dillon

John George
Bird Shop Thug

Robert Graves
Gaston Roux

Lew Hicks
Prison Guard

Brandon Hurst
Secretary to Erskine

Claude King
Sir Albert Hastings

Arnold Lucy

Lucien Prival
Hans Dreiaugen