Robert Wise

Disappointing reteaming for Wise and Andrews as they take on a biopic of stage musical star, Gertrude Lawrence. Oppulent production values. Loaded DVD with commentary by Wise.

20th April 2004

Julie Andrews
Gertrude Lawrence
Richard Crenna
Richard Aldrich
Michael Craig
Sir Anthony Spencer
Daniel Massey
Noel Coward
Robert Reed
Charles Fraser
Bruce Forsyth
Arthur Lawrence
Beryl Reid
John Collin
Jack Roper
Alan Oppenheimer
Andre Charlot
Richard Karlan
David Holtzmann
Anthony Eisley
Ben Mitchell
Jock Livingston
Alexander Woollcott
Harvey Jason
Ian Abercrombie
Cockney Singer in Brixton Music Hall
Jenny Agutter
Richard Angarola
Conrad Bain
Second Salesman at Cartier's
John Barrett
Bearded Hyde Park Speaker
John Barrett
Bearded Hyde Park Speaker
Ballard Berkeley
Eric Brotherson
George (Policeman in Sidecar)
Cathleen Cordell
Fashion Show Vendeuse
Linda Dano
Charles' Wife
Roger Delgado
French diplomat
Harry Fielder
Audience Patron
Mary Fielder
Bernard Fox
Assistant to Lord Chamberlain
Ray Girardin
Young Reporter at "Tonight at 8.30"
Robin Hughes
Third Hyde Park Speaker
Pamela Kosh
Woman on the Bus Going to Maidenhead
Anna Lee
Tony Lo Bianco
Damian London
Jerry Paul
Murray Matheson
Bankruptcy Judge
Lester Matthews
Lord Chamberlain
Clive Morton
Army Officer Outside Window
Roy Scheider
Mildred Shay
Hostesses friend
Grady Sutton
First Salesman at Cartier's