Tattered Web


Paul Wendkos

Lloyd Bridges' Sgt. Stagg clearly chose the wrong week to give up sniffing glue when he catches his potential son-in-law with another woman. Things take a turn for the complicated when the woman turns up dead.

A number of people who should know better do stupid things in this cautionary tale. Average.

50 Suspense Classics
1st September 2005

Lloyd Bridges
Sgt. Ed Stagg
Frank Converse
Steve Butler
Sallie Shockley
Tina Butler
Murray Hamilton
Sgt. Joe Marcus
Broderick Crawford
Willard Edson
Anne Helm
Louise Campbell
John Fiedler
Sam Jeffers
Val Avery
Sgt Harry Barnes
Whit Bissell
Mr Harland
Walter Brooke
Lt. Preston
Joseph Bernard
Ellen Corby
Mrs Simmons
Roy Jenson
Bert Korawicz
James Hong
Police Surgeon
Allison McKay
Salma Marcus