Jean Negulesco

20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Inferior re-telling of the Titanic disaster with a watered-down sub-plot featuring a middle-aged couple (Webb and Stanwyck) bickering over their failed relationship and the destiny of their two children. The teenage daughter from the marriage (Dalton) meets a charming young man (Wagner) whom she grows fond of, albeit after some reluctance.

As for the tragedy itself, it seems rushed, inaccurate and not altogether believable. It doesn't really capture the moment or generate any real thrills (probably deliberate as not to glamorise the event), but even so, this kind of sums up the whole movie in general.

From a historical point of view it is interesting to watch, especially to compare it to other versions of the event which have been made into movies. Unfortunately, there is too much unrelated storyline which distracts the viewer from the potential of what could have been a great film. However, "A Night To Remember", which was released five years later, went some way into making up for this disappointment.

~Lord Heath

If this were the only Titanic film, its (White) star would shine a little brighter. Interesting for the film's no-nonsense portrayal of the sinking and its penchant for renaming certain personalities - Molly Brown becomes Maude Young, for example. Another problem is that all the people we are supposed to be taking an interest in are all fairly annoying.

~The Sloth

The least of the several Titanic films, for reasons outlined above, as well as a director unsuited to such movies. Screenwriter Charles Brackett wrote he discarded most of the true stories of the disaster because they were "too fantastic for movie audiences to believe." With that kind of attitude it's not hard to see why such a tedious piece of inaccurate mediocrity resulted. Now imagine if Brackett's and Billy Wilder's partnership had not soured after Sunset Blvd.; then you would have had a great piece of cinema!

~Dave W.

11th April 1953

Barbara Stanwyck
Mrs. Sturgess

Clifton Webb
Richard Sturgess

Robert Wagner
Giff Rogers

Brian Aherne
Capt. Edward J. Smith

Barry Bernard
1st Officer William M. Murdoch

Edmund Purdom
2nd Officer Charles H. Lightoller

Anthony Eustrel
Pelham Sanderson

Audrey Dalton
Annette Sturges

Harper Carter
Norman Sturges

William Johnstone
John Jacob Astor

Frances Bergen
Madeleine Astor

Allyn Joslyn
Earl Meeker

Thelma Ritter
Maude Young

Richard Basehart
Geroge Healey

Marta Mitrovich
Mrs Uzcadum

Roy Gordon
Isador Strauss

Helen Van Tuyl
Ida Strauss

James Todd
Sandy Comstock

Guy Standing
George D. Widener

James Lilburn

Ashley Cowan
Harold S. Bride (Wireless Rm)

Dennis Frazer
Jack Philips (Wireless Rm)

Melinda Markey
College Girl

Merry Anders
College Girl

Gloria Gordon
College Girl

Charles B. Fitzsimons
Chief Officer Henry T. Wilde

Camillo Guercio
Benjamin Guggenheim

Patrick Aherne

Salvador Baguez
Jean Pablo Uzcadum

Eugene Borden
Dock Official

George Boyce
Undetermined Role

Hamilton Camp
Messenger Boy

Donald Chaffin

Robin Sanders Clark
Junior Officer

Harry Cording
Boiler Room Engineer

John Costello
Undetermined Role

Nicolas Coster

William Cottrell
Harry Bristow - Saloon Steward

Herbert Deans
Junior Officer

John Dodsworth
Stoker Exclaiming 'For God's Sake!'

Conrad Feia
College Boy

Michael Ferris

Elizabeth Flournoy
Woman with Baby

John Fraser

Ivis Goulding
Emma Bliss - First Class Stewardess

Lee Graham
George T. M. Symons - Lookout

Ralph Grosh

Michael Hadlow

Ron Hagerthy
College Boy

Sam Harris

Ivan Hayes

Joan Hayes
Undetermined Role

David Hoffman
Ship's Tailor

Robin Hughes
Junior Officer

Charles Keane

Mae Marsh
Woman to Whom Norman Gave His Seat

Alan Marston

Owen McGiveney

Harold Miller

Alberto Morin

Joyce Newhard
Undetermined Role

James O'Hara
Devlin - Lookout

Patrick O'Moore
Relief Man

Richard Peel
Undetermined Role

Michael Rennie

Gordon Richards
Mr. Webster - Manager of Clothing Shop

Duke Seba
Undetermined Role

Christopher Severn
Flag Messenger

Bert Stevens

David Thursby

Richard West
College Boy

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