Clint Eastwood
Lennie Niehaus

An aging, retired gunfighter (Clint) is tempted by a big reward to capture two cowboys responsible for a cowardly attack on a prostitute which left her scarred for life. He is assisted by old friend Freeman and a cocky youngster (Woolvett) and together they ride into the town of Big Whiskey, Wyoming to right the wrong which was committed there.
Some would agree that this is Eastwood's masterpiece. It was Clint's first taste of Oscar glory, when the film won 4 Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Director - Eastwood, Best Supporting Actor - Hackman, and Best Editing (Joel Cox).~ The Lord

Grim, revisionist western, flawlessy done and acted, but there are better westerns... ~ The Sloth

7th August 1992

131 mins

Unforgiven (1992/ Movie-Only Edition)
22nd August 1997

131 mins

1st September 1998

125 mins

Unforgiven (1992/ Special Edition)
24th September 2002


Best Picture 1993
Clint Eastwood
William Munny
b: Saturday, 31st May 1930
Gene Hackman
Little Bill Daggett
b: Thursday, 30th January 1930
Morgan Freeman
Ned Logan
b: Tuesday, 1st June 1937
Richard Harris
English Bob
b: Wednesday, 1st October 1930
d: Friday, 25th October 2002
Jaimz Woolvett
The Schofield Kid
Saul Rubinek
W. W. Beauchamp
b: Friday, 2nd July 1948
Frances Fisher
Strawberry Alice
b: Sunday, 11th May 1952
Anna Thomson
Delilah Fitzgerald
Rob Campbell
Davey Bunting
Cherrilene Cardinal
Sally Two Trees
Beverley Elliott
Tara Frederick
Little Sue
Anthony James
Skinny Dubois
b: Wednesday, 22nd July 1942
Aline Levasseur
Penny Munny
b: Thursday, 7th April 1983
Walter Marsh
b: Tuesday, 20th March 1923
d: Saturday, 17th September 2005
Shane Meier
Will Munny Jr.
b: Saturday, 11th June 1977
David Mucci
Quick Mike
Jeremy Ratchford
Deputy Andy Russell
Liisa Repo-Martell
b: 02/??/1971
Ron White
Clyde Ledbetter
b: Tuesday, 9th June 1953
d: Wednesday, 4th April 2018

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