The Ice House


Tim Fywell
John Daly
Michael Darbon
Associate Producer
David Ferguson
Chris Parr
Executive Producer
Roy Sharman

Another rivetting murder mystery from Minette Walters. Edge-of-your-seat payoff and terrific performances from Daniel Craig and Kitty Aldridge. Part of a must-have boxed set.

20th June 2005

Daniel Craig
Det. Sgt. McLoughlin
b: Saturday, 2nd March 1968
Corin Redgrave
Det. Chief Inspector George Walsh
b: Sunday, 16th July 1939
d: Tuesday, 6th April 2010
Kitty Aldridge
Anne Cattrell
b: 1962
Frances Barber
Diana Goode
b: Tuesday, 13th May 1958
Penny Downie
Phoebe Maybury
James D'Arcy
Jonathan Maybury
b: Sunday, 24th August 1975
Ian Price
Bill Stanley
Danny Midwinter
Det. Constable Blackshaw
Alexandra Milman
Jane Maybury
Gerard Horan
Det. Sgt. Robinson
b: 1962
Luke Garrett
P.C. Williams
Ann Bell
Molly Phillips
b: Monday, 29th April 1940
Dave Hill
Fred Phillips
b: Tuesday, 16th October 1945
Niven Boyd
Dr. Webster
b: Monday, 22nd November 1954
d: Sunday, 28th January 2001
Jack Galloway
Paddy Clarke
Belinda Sinclair
Eileen Clarke
b: Saturday, 16th September 1950
Anthony May
Peter Barnes
Liam McKenna
Eddie Staines
Jan Shand
Ward Sister
Lynn Farleigh
Mrs. Thompson
b: Sunday, 3rd May 1942
Willie Ross
Wally Ferris
b: 1938
d: 02/??/2000
Krysia Pepper
W.P.C. Brownlow
Geoffrey Greenhill
Sergeant Rogers
Laura Girling
Kelly McLoughlin
Sara Stephens
Amanda Holt
Village Woman
Paul Jerricho
David Maybury
b: Thursday, 18th November 1948
Gary Lammin
Helena McCarthy
Mrs Ledbetter
b: Sunday, 18th October 1908
d: Monday, 11th May 1998
Simon Melia
Karen Murden
Mrs Fowler
Finn Taylor