Pearl Harbor


Michael Bay

Jerry Bruckheimer Films

Touchstone Pictures
Production Company

Story of the early days of America's involvement in World War Two, concentrating on the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Doolittle raid, framed by the obligatory romantic triangle.

Average war film that would actually be much better if it had either been made in 1943 or was completely fictional. As it stands, Bay's penchant for replacing historical figures with fictional ones, along with his overall disregard for historical accuracy in favor of lazy CGI spectacle, becomes merely an insult to all those who actually served. And while many of the battle scenes contain stirring imagery, it is completely undercut by a hamfisted overuse of slow motion (assumedly for extra pathos). For those who want to watch accurate and entertaining films, I would suggest Tora Tora Tora and Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. It says something when movies made decades before have more convincing effects. At least the Arizona didn't morph into a robot and start swatting Zeros out of the sky. . .

-Dave W.

Pearl Harbor
25th May 2001

183 mins

Ben Affleck
Rafe McCawley

Josh Hartnett
Danny Walker

Kate Beckinsale
Nurse Evelyn Johnson

William Lee Scott
Billy Thompson

Greg Zola
Anthony Fusco

Ewen Bremner
Red Winkle

Alec Baldwin
Lt. Colonel Jimmy Doolittle

Jaime King
Nurse Betty Bayer

Catherine Kellner
Nurse Barbara

Jennifer Garner
Nurse Sandra

Jon Voight
President Roosevelt

Cuba Gooding Jr.
Mess Attendant 2/c Doris "Dorie" Miller

Michael Shannon
Gooz Wood

Matthew Davis

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

John Fujioka

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Commander Minoru Genda

Colm Feore
Admiral Husband E. Kimmel

Dan Aykroyd
Captain Jesse Thurman

Reiley McClendon
Young Danny

Jesse James
Young Rafe

William Fichtner
Cole Walker

Steve Rankin
Rafe's Father

Brian Haley
Captain Connor

David Hornsby
Flyer with Murmur

Scott Wilson
General George C. Marshall

Graham Beckel
Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Howard Mungo
George, President's Aide

Randy Oglesby
Strategic Analyst

Ping Wu
Japanese Officer

Stan Cahill
Pentagon Lieutenant

Kevin Wensing
XO USS West Virginia
[Cdr. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter]

Tom Everett
Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox

Tomas Arana
Vice Admiral Frank J. Fletcher

Beth Grant
Motherly Secretary

Sara Rue
Nurse Martha

Sung Kang

Raphael Sbarge
Kimmel's Aide

Marty Belafsky
Louie the Sailor

Yuji Okumoto
Japanese Shy Bomber

Josh Green
Radar Private Ellis
[George Elliot]

Ian Bohen
Radar Private #2
[Joseph L. Lockard]

Michael Milhoan
Army Commander

Peter Firth
Captain Mervyn S. Bennion,
USS West Virginia

Tom Sizemore
Sergeant Earl Sistern

Marco Gould
Pop-Up Sailor

Andrew Bryniarski
Joe the Boxer

Nicholas Downs
Terrified Sailor

Tim Choate
Navy Doctor

John Diehl
Senior Doctor

Joseph Patrick Kelly
Medic (as Joe Kelly)

Ron Harper

Ted McGinley
Army Corps Major

Madison Mason
Admiral Raymond A. Spruance

Kim Coates
Jack Richards

Andrew Baley
Hornet Radio Operator

Glenn Morshower
Rear Admiral William F. Halsey

Paul Francis
Doolittle's Co-Pilot
[Lt. Richard E. Cole]

Eric Christian Olsen
McCawley's Gunner

Scott Wiper

Rod Biermann

Noriaki Kamata
Japanese Soldier

Garret T. Sato
Japanese Soldier

Eiji Inoue
Japanese Soldier

Precious Chong
Nursing Supervisor

Jeff Wadlow
Next Guy in Line

Will Gill Jr.
Train Conductor

Seth Sakai
Japanese Tourist

Curtis Andersen
18 Year Old Typist

Blaine Pate
Orderly in Aftermath

John Pyper-Ferguson
Naval Officer in Hospital

Michael Shamus Wiles
Captain Marc A. Mitscher,
USS Hornet

Brett Pedigo
Next Guy in Line #2

Toru M. Tanaka
Samoan Bouncer

Sean Gunn
Traction Sailor

Josh Ackerman
Wounded Sailor #1

Matt Casper
Wounded Sailor #2

David Kaufman
Young Nervous Doctor

Lindsey Ginter
Captain Low (as L.L. Ginter)

Joshua Aaron Gulledge

Guy Torry
Teeny Mayfield

Leland Orser
Major Jackson

Peter James Smith
Mission Listener

Mark Noon

Pat Healy
News Reel Guy (voice)

Thomas Wilson Brown
Young Flier

Chad Morgan
Pearl Harbor Nurse

Thomas Wilson Brown
Young Flier

James Saito
Japanese Aide#1

Angel Sing
Japanese Aide#2

Tak Kubota
Japanese Aide#3

Robert Jayne
Sunburnt Sailor

Vic Chao
Japanese Doctor

Michael Gradilone
Screaming Sailor

Fred Koehler
Wounded Sailor#3

John Padget
Hospital Chaplain

Ben Easter
Baja Sailor#1

Cory Tucker
Baja Sailor#2

Abe Sylvia
Baja Sailor#4

Jason Liggett
Baja Sailor#5

Douglas Blakeslee
Doolittle Pilot

Adolf Hitler
Himself (archive footage)

Kinsey McLean
Soldier in Theater

Matt Moore
Gooz Dude

Matt Moore
Gooz Dude

Mark Panasuk
Baja Sailor#6

Bret Roberts
Baja Sailor#7

John Howry
Lieutenant in boat

Rufus Dorsey
Dobie's Friend

Rodney Bursiel
Sailor with Dog

Rob McCabe
Rescue Sailor

Brandon Lozano
Baby Danny

Seiki Moriguchi
Akagi Communication Officer

Brian D. Falk

Estevan Gonzalo
Bombing Sailor

Christopher Stroop

Sean Faris
Danny's Gunner

Vincent J. Inghilterra

Nicholas Farrell
RAF Squadron Leader

Tony Curran

Viv Weatherall

Benjamin Farry

Daniel Mays

Toshi Toda

Jaymee Ong
Dental Assistant

Geoffrey Gould
Dental Patient

Anthony Grimley
British Air Commander Peter Tubbs

Dave Wright: Screencaps & Notes