" /> Martyrs of the Alamo

Martyrs of the Alamo


Christy Cabanne

21st November 1915

30th March 2004


Sam De Grasse
Silent Smith
b: Saturday, 12th June 1875
d: Saturday, 29th November 1919
Allan Sears
David Crockett
b: Wednesday, 9th March 1887
d: Tuesday, 18th August 1942
Walter Long
Santa Anna
b: Wednesday, 5th March 1879
d: Friday, 4th July 1952
Alfred Paget
James Bowie
b: 1880
d: 1925
Fred Burns
Captain Dickinson
b: Wednesday, 24th April 1878
d: Monday, 18th July 1955
John T. Dillon
Colonel Travis (as John Dillon)
b: Monday, 19th June 1876
d: Wednesday, 29th December 1937
Douglas Fairbanks
Joe / Texan Soldier
b: Wednesday, 23rd May 1883
d: Tuesday, 12th December 1939
Juanita Hansen
Old Soldier's Daughter
b: Sunday, 3rd March 1895
d: Tuesday, 26th September 1961
Ora Carew
Mrs Dickinson
b: Wednesday, 19th April 1893
d: Wednesday, 26th October 1955
Tom Wilson
Sam Houston
b: Friday, 27th August 1880
d: Friday, 19th February 1965
Augustus Carney
Old Soldier
b: 1870
d: 1920
Joseph Belmont
b: Tuesday, 18th August 1874
d: Tuesday, 16th May 1939
Betty Marsh
Jack Prescott