Good Morning, Boys!

Where There's A Will


Marcel Varnel
Gainsborough Pictures

Dubious headmaster and his gaggle of obnoxious pupils get involved with art thieves in Paris after fradulently winning a French competition.

Fitfully amusing comedy is badly dated and never quite becomes as enjoyable as was intended. There are a few funny moments, but basically the problem is that it is not amusing in the least to watch a bunch of cretinous schoolboys and their antics, unless perhaps you are a cretinous schoolboy. Their sudden helpfulness and school spirit in the last reel is a nice change and gives the movie some needed zip, but doesn't ring true. Also a criminal waste of Lilli Palmer.

-Dave W.

5th April 1937

79 mins

Will Hay
Dr. Benjamin Twist
Martita Hunt
Lady Bagshott
Peter Gawthorne
Colonel Willoughby-Gore
Graham Moffatt
Albert Brown
Fewlass Llewellyn
The Dean
Mark Daly
'Arty' Jones
Peter Godfrey
C. Denier Warren
Henri Duval,
Minister of Education
Lilli Palmer
Unknown 27605-01
Cliquot's Henchman
Unknown 27605-02
Cliquot's Henchman
Will Hay Jr.
Clarence (uncredited)
Basil McGrail
Watson (uncredited)
Unknown 27605-03
Schoolboy (uncredited)
Lewis Gilbert
Schoolboy (uncredited)
Unknown 27605-04
Schoolboy (uncredited)
Unknown 27605-06
Schoolboy (Smith)
Unknown 27605-14
Schoolboy (Walter)
Unknown 27605-12
School Board Head
Unknown 27605-07
School Board Member
Unknown 27605-08
School Board Member
Unknown 27605-09
Bayswater Palace Porter
Unknown 27605-15
Bayswater Palace Maid
Lewis Broughton
Dr. Simpson (uncredited)
Unknown 27605-10
Professor Martin
Unknown 27605-11
Professor Brown
Charles Paton
Photographer (uncredited)
Charles Hawtrey
Septimus (uncredited)
Unknown 27605-16
Policeman (uncredited)
Noel Dainton
Detective Checking Twist's Passport
Chalford Solemnity
The Bloodhound (uncredited)
Millicent Wolf
Madame Duval
Unknown 27605-17
French Hotel Janitor
Unknown 27605-13
Hotel Concierge
Unknown 27605-18
Devil's Kitchen Hat Check
Unknown 27605-19
Devil's Kitchen Doorman
Jacques Brown
Devil's Kitchen Manager
Sidi Ben Ali Troupe
Arabian Tumblers
Marcel Varnel
Louvre Guard (uncredited)
Paul Sheridan
French Hotel Receptionist
Cot D'Ordan
French Hotel Messenger(uncredited)
Unknown 27605-21
Fake Gendarme (uncredited)
Albert Davis
Schoolboy (uncredited)
Clive Dunn
Minor Role (uncredited)
Charles McBain
Percy Jones
Terry Richardson
Rat Higgins
Freddie Summers
Schoolboy (uncredited)
Richard Todd
Extra (uncredited)
Bertram Tyrell
Mulford (uncredited)

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