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Cairo Road


David MacDonald
Mayflower Pictures

Enjoyable police procedural about efforts to catch drug smugglers in Egypt, with Portman in fine form as the obsessive police commissioner, and a very callow Harvey as the most naive rookie cop ever portrayed on film. Has a tendency to descend into the stridency of a Victorain reformer's cant at times, though. Interesting to see Egypt when it was still a country and not just a confused rabble.

-Dave W.

27th June 1950

86 mins

Eric Portman
Colonel Youssef Bey
Laurence Harvey
Lieutenant Mourad
Maria Mauban
Marie Mourad
Harold Lang
Grégoire Aslan
(as Coco Aslan)
Karel Stepanek
Edouardo Pavlis
John Bailey
Mental Hospital Doctor (Gabah)
Martin Boddey
Major Ahmed Mustafa
John Gregson
Coast Guard Lieutenant
Marne Maitland
John Harvey
Major Maggoury
Oscar Quitak
Bedouin Boy (Ibrahim)
Abraham Sofaer
Coast Guard Commandant
Ferdy Mayne
Doctor, Port Said
Peter Jones
First Officer of Van Durem
Eric Pohlmann
Captain of Van Durem
Reginald Dyson
Prison Governor
Arnold Diamond
Police Major
Thomas Gallagher
Anna Michelis
Dennis Val Norton
Police Doctor
Alan Tilvern
Police Photographer
Michael Godfrey
Harold Jaffa
Veterinary Surgeon
Walter Gotell
Prison Officer
Unknown 2764-01
Policeman at Murder Scene
John Serret
Police Sergeant
Unknown 2764-03
Van Durem Radioman
Unknown 2764-04
Coast Guard Officer
Unknown 2764-05
Unknown 2764-06
Unknown 2764-07
Van Durem Steward
Unknown 2764-08
Van Durem Passenger
Unknown 2764-09
Van Durem Passenger
Unknown 2764-12
Clergyman at Hospital
Michael Mellinger
Port Said Sergeant
Unknown 2764-11
Police Officer
Wolfe Morris
Ali (uncredited)
Unknown 2764-13
Customs Official
Unknown 2764-14
Hotel Keeper
Cyril Shaps
Hotel Keeper
Unknown 2764-16
Policeman with Youssef Bey
Frank Duncan
Undetermined Role

Dave Wright: Screencaps & Notes