The Straight Story


True story of how in the summer of 1994, a 73 year-old man travels 240 miles from Laurens, Iowa to Mount Zion, Wisconsin by using the only vehicle available to him: a 1966 John Deere riding lawn mower, to visit his 80-year-old ill brother. At a top speed of 5 miles per hour, the journey took six weeks.
A beautiful film, one of a kind.

Favourite line in the movie: "The worst thing about being old is remembering when you were young"

Richard Farnsworth
Alvin Straight
Sissy Spacek
Rose Straight
Harry Dean Stanton
Lyle Straight
Everett McGill
Tom, the John Deere Dealer
John Farley
Thorvald Olsen, Tractor Mechanic
Kevin P. Farley
Harald Olsen, Tractor Mechanic
Jerry E. Anderson
Fireman #2
James Cada
Danny Riordan, Clermont Resident
Joseph A. Carpenter
Jennifer Edwards-Hughes
Brenda, the Grocery Clerk
Dan Fahey
Boy in Truck
Matt Fahey
Boy in Truck
Tommy Fahey
Boy in Truck
Ralph Feldhacker
Farmer on Tractor
Dan Flannery
Doctor Gibbons
Ed Grennan
Matt Guidry
Wiley Harker
Verlyn Heller
Jim Haun
Johnny Johnson, Clermont Resident
Jane Galloway Heitz
Dorothy (Straight's Next-Door Neighbor)
Barbara Kingsley
Janet Johnson, Clermont Resident
John Lordan
Tracey Maloney
Bill McCallum
Barbara June Patterson
Woman on Bus
Gil Pearson
Sun Ray Tours Bus Driver
Russ Reed
Mt. Zion Bartender
Barbara E. Robertson
Deer Woman
Leroy Swadley
Bar Patron
Garrett Sweeney
Boy in Truck
Peter Sweeney
Boy in Truck
Jack Walsh
Anastasia Webb
Randy Wiedenhoff
Fireman #1
Donald Wiegert
Sally Wingert
Darla Riordan, Clermont Resident
Stephen Cinabro
Gary D'Amico
Cyclist #1
George A. Farr
Jeremy Kent Jackson
Lana Schwab
Old Lady #1

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