Soigne ton Gauche

Watch Your Left


René Clément
Cady Films
Production Company

On a farm in rural France, a sports coach is training two boxers for a forthcoming match when disaster strikes. One of his boxers is knocked out during a training bout and, to continue training the coach needs to find a replacement. fast. He notices a young farmhand (Jacques Tati), an obvious boxing enthusiast, miming a boxing match by himself in a barn, and persuades him to enter the makeshift boxing ring. With only his enthusiasm and a teach-yourself book to help him, the farmhand throws everything he has into this phoney boxing match. With a little help from the village postman and his cronies, the aspiring boxer pulls off a spectacular victory.

Soigne ton Gauche(Watch Your Left) is a delightful 1936 short, co-written and starring a young Jacques Tati. Worthy successor to the great comics of the silent era like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, here he offers us a few marvelous sight gags. It's also as the directorial debut of René Clément who has given some memorable french cinema masterpieces like Forbidden Games, Is paris Burning?. Soigne ton gauche features some side-splitting sequences which makes it a hugely entertaining and memorable short film. The closing scene, with the comic country postman, seems to presage Tati’s first notable works as a director: L’École des facteurs (The School for Postmen) and Jour de fête (The Big Day) released in 1947 and 1949 respectively.

Soigne ton gauche

12 mins

Soigne ton gauche - L'Ecole des facteurs - Cours du soir


Jacques Tati
Max Martel
Postman (as Max Martell)
Louis Robur
Boxer (as Robur)
Sparring Partner
Jean Aurel
Kid (as J. Aurel)
Van der Haegen
Jacques Broido
Sparring partner

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