Il compagno Don Camillo

Don Camillo en Russie / Don Camillo in Moscow


Luigi Comencini

Don Camillo is outraged when his rival Peppone announces that their small Italian town of Breshello is to be twinned with a town in Communist Russia. When various attempts to overturn this decision fail, Don Camillo manages to persuade his superiors to allow him to accompany Peppone on his ceremonial visit to the Russian town. There, the Catholic priest is surprised that the country is not so religiously atheistic as he had imagined.

It was time for this saga to stop. Fernandel appears for the last time in this fifth episode in the long-running Don Camillo saga. Ill-health prevented the actor from reprising the role for yet another film, which is probably just as well as the series had well and truly run out of steam by this time. Only the pleasing on-screen rapport between Fernandel and his co-star Gino Cervi prevents this entry in the series from being unbearably tiresome and stale.

Il compagno Don Camillo
18th September 1965

Don Camillo en Russie
17th December 1965

99 mins

Don Camillo à Moscou
21st January 1966

Don Camillo
Gino Cervi
Giuseppe 'Peppone' Bottazzi
Leda Gloria
Maria Bottazzi
Gianni Garko
Nanni Scamoggia
Saro Urzì
Graziella Granata
Nadia Petrovna
Paul Muller
Le pope (il pope russo)
Marco Tulli
Jacques Herlin
Silla Bettini
Aldo Vasco
Un camarade (un compagno socialista)
Alessandro Gottlieb
Mirko Valentin
Sasha, le faux russe (il finto russo)
Ettore Geri
Yenka Oregov
Margherita Sala
La femme d'Ivan (compagna di Ivan)
Rosemarie Lindt
Sonia, la fausse russe (la falsa russa)
Tania Béryl
La voyageuse (la tedesca più giovane, sul treno)
Armando Migliari
Un démocrate chrétien (un esponente democristiano)
Salvatore Campochiaro
Le notaire (il notaio)
Marina Morgan
La propriétaire du stand de tir (La giostraia)
Jean Rougeul
L'évêque (il Vescovo)
Jean Debucourt
La voix de Jésus (French version)

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