Ten Little Indians


Paul Bogart

Nicely done TV version of the Christie classic made in the U.S. in New York, and broadcast only a day after at TV version was shown in England, starring Felix Aylmer. The superb Barry Jones stars in this version, and he's ably assisted by Romney Brent, Pater Bathurst, James Kenny and Kenneth Haigh. The running time, at one hour, is a bit too short, as murders follow each other sometimes too quickly, but all in all worth watching.

18th January 1959
TV Movie

59 mins

Barry Jones
Sir Lawrence Wargrave
Romney Brent
Dr. Edward Armstrong
Nina Foch
Vera Claythorne
Peter Bathurst
General John Gordon Mackenzie
Kenneth Haigh
Philip Lombard
James Kenny
William Henry Blore
Valerie French
Emily Brent
George Turner
Thomas Rogers
Chandler Cowles
Frederick James Marston
Caroline Brenner
Ethel Rogers
Jeremiah Morris

Scott Palmer: Screencaps & Notes