When Knighthood Was in Flower


Marion Davies
Mary Tudor
Forrest Stanley
Charles Brandon
Lyn Harding
Henry VIII
Theresa Maxwell Conover
Queen Catherine
Pedro de Cordoba
Duke of Buckingham
Ruth Shepley
Lady Jane Bolingbroke
Ernest Glendinning
Sir Edwin Caskoden
Arthur Forrest
Cardinal Wolsey
Johnny Dooley
Will Sommers
William Kent
King's tailor
Charles Gerrard
Sir Adam Judson (as Charles Gerard)
Arthur Donaldson
Sir Henry Brandon
Downing Clarke
Lord Chamberlain
William Norris
Louis XII
Macey Harlam
Duc de Longueville
William Powell
Francis I
George Nash
An adventurer
Gustav von Seyffertitz
Paul Panzer
Captain of the Guard
Guy Coombs
Follower of Buckingham
Frank Reda
Page Boy
Flora Finch
French countess