The Chinese Ring


William Beaudine
Monogram Pictures

Chinese princess is murdered on her arrival in America, and the funds she was going to use to buy fighter planes for her brother (obviously meant to be Chiang Kai-Shek) goes missing. Charlie Chan has to discover who is the killer.

Decent enough effort for Winter's first go at playing Chan. There are some oddities: Victor Sen Yung is now named Tommy instead of Jimmy, and he has been promoted from Number Three son to Number Two, and Charlie now lives in San Francisco instead of Honolulu. There's also a dated subplot with romance between the wisecracking girl reporter and the tough cop. That's understandable, though, considering this is a shot-by-shot remake of Monogram's 1939 Mr. Wong in Chinatown. Still, not too bad, especially considering this is a Monogram Picture directed by 'One Shot' Beaudine. Winters still reminds me more of Percy Dovetonsils than Charlie Chan, though...

Note: George Spaulding is listed in the opening credits, but nowhere to be seen in the actual film.

-Dave W.

6th December 1947

68 mins

Roland Winters
Charlie Chan
Warren Douglas
Police Sgt. Bill Davidson
Mantan Moreland
Birmingham Brown
Louise Currie
Peggy Cartwright
Victor Sen Yung
Tommy Chan
Philip Ahn
Captain Kong
Byron Foulger
Thayer Roberts
Captain James J. Kelso
Barbara Jean Wong
Princess Mei Ling
(as Jean Wong)
George Spaulding
Dr. Hickey
(as George L. Spaulding)
Spencer Chan
Ship's Officer
Richard Wang
Ship's Officer
Lillie Mae Wong
Kenneth Chuck
Deaf-Mute Boy
Jack Mower
Policeman Guarding Apartment
Charmienne Harker
Kelso's Secretary
Paul Bryar
Police Sergeant
Armstrong's Gardener
Lee Tung Foo
Armstrong's Butler
Thornton Edwards
Palace Hotel Clerk
Charlie, Detective
Mac, Detective
Allen, Policeman
Flanagan, Detective

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