Bruce Lee: The Man, the Myth


David Chow
Kuei Chang
Chi-Min Chin
Little Unicorn
Carl Scott
Ping Ou Wei
Hsiao-Hu Lin
Chih-po Chao
Betty Chen
Chok Chow Cheung
Chan-Chi Chung
Tsan-Chi Chung
Roberta Ciappi
Daughter of Italian Mobster
Ernest Curtis
Hark-On Fung
Challenger to Bruce Lee on 'Enter the Dragon' Set
Alexander Grand
Karate (gas station) thug
Lynda Hirst
Linda Lee
Hoi Sang Lee
Challenger to Bruce Lee on 'Enter the Dragon' Set
Bruce Li
Bruce Lee (as Ho Chung Tao)
Hsiao Sung Liang
(as Fo Sing)
Ching Chin Min
Anders Nelsson
(as Anders Nelson)
Betty Ting Pei
Chien-Po Tsen
Butchie (Bruce Lee's friend in San Francisco)
Mario Viediano
Donnie Williams
Murayaki's Karate (gas station) thug
Jun Ye
Yuen Biao
Challenges Bruce Lee on the Set of 'Enter the Dragon'