Ken Hughes
Geoffrey Unsworth
Columbia Pictures
Production Company

Vidcaps courtesy Chris Survela

16th July 1970

26th October 1970

Richard Harris
Oliver Cromwell
b: Wednesday, 1st October 1930
d: Friday, 25th October 2002
Alec Guinness
King Charles I
b: Thursday, 2nd April 1914
d: Saturday, 5th August 2000
Robert Morley
The Earl of Manchester
b: Tuesday, 26th May 1908
d: Wednesday, 3rd June 1992
Dorothy Tutin
Queen Henrietta Maria
b: Tuesday, 8th April 1930
d: Monday, 6th August 2001
Frank Finlay
John Carter
b: Friday, 6th August 1926
d: Saturday, 30th January 2016
Timothy Dalton
Prince Rupert
b: Thursday, 21st March 1940
Patrick Wymark
Earl of Stafford
b: Sunday, 11th July 1926
d: Tuesday, 20th October 1970
Patrick Magee
Hugh Peters
b: Friday, 31st March 1922
d: Saturday, 14th August 1982
Nigel Stock
Sir Edward Hyde
b: Sunday, 21st September 1919
d: Monday, 23rd June 1986
Charles Gray
Lord Essex
b: Wednesday, 29th August 1928
d: Tuesday, 7th March 2000
Michael Jayston
Henry Ireton
b: Tuesday, 29th October 1935
Richard Cornish
Oliver Cromwell II
Anna Cropper
Ruth Carter
b: Friday, 13th May 1938
d: Monday, 22nd January 2007
Michael Goodliffe
Solicitor General
b: Thursday, 1st October 1914
d: Monday, 22nd March 1976
Jack Gwillim
Gen. Byron
b: Wednesday, 15th December 1909
d: Monday, 2nd July 2001
Basil Henson
b: Wednesday, 31st July 1918
d: Wednesday, 19th December 1990
Patrick Holt
Capt. Lundsford
b: Wednesday, 31st January 1912
d: Tuesday, 12th October 1993
Stratford Johns
President Bradshaw
b: Sunday, 22nd February 1925
d: Tuesday, 29th January 2002
Geoffrey Keen
John Pym
b: Monday, 21st August 1916
d: Thursday, 3rd November 2005
Anthony May
Richard Cromwell
Ian McCulloch
John Hampden
b: Wednesday, 5th May 1937
Patrick O'Connell
John Lilburne
b: Monday, 29th January 1934
d: Thursday, 10th August 2017
John Paul
General Digby
b: Wednesday, 20th April 1921
d: Thursday, 23rd February 1995
Bryan Pringle
Trooper Hawkins
b: Saturday, 19th January 1935
d: Wednesday, 15th May 2002
Llewellyn Rees
The Speaker
b: Tuesday, 18th June 1901
d: Friday, 7th January 1994
Robin Stewart
Prince of Wales
b: Wednesday, 9th October 1946
d: Sunday, 22nd November 2015
Andre Van Gyseghem
Archbishop Rinucinni
b: Saturday, 18th August 1906
d: Saturday, 13th October 1979
Zena Walker
Mrs. Cromwell
b: Wednesday, 7th March 1934
d: Sunday, 24th August 2003
John Welsh
Bishop Juxon
b: Monday, 7th November 1904
d: Sunday, 21st April 1985
Douglas Wilmer
Thomas Fairfax
b: Thursday, 8th January 1920
d: Thursday, 31st March 2016
Anthony Kemp
Henry Cromwell
Stacy Dorning
Mary Cromwell
b: Sunday, 11th May 1958
Mel Churcher
Bridget Cromwell (as Melinda Churcher)
George Merritt
b: Wednesday, 10th December 1890
d: Saturday, 27th August 1977
Gerald Rowland
Drummer Boy
Peter Bennett
(scenes deleted)
b: Monday, 17th September 1917
d: Saturday, 23rd December 1989
Tony Caunter
(scenes deleted)
b: Wednesday, 22nd September 1937
George A. Cooper
(scenes deleted)
b: Saturday, 7th March 1925
d: Friday, 16th November 2018
Harry Fielder
Man in Parliament
b: Friday, 26th April 1940
John Forbes-Robertson
Colonel Harrison
b: Thursday, 10th May 1928
d: Wednesday, 14th May 2008
Victor Maddern
b: Tuesday, 16th March 1926
d: Tuesday, 22nd June 1993
Fred Wood
Peasant (in church)
b: Thursday, 26th October 1922
d: 01/??/2003
David Charkham
Royalist Drummer
Victor Harrington
Assessor at KIngs Trial
b: Friday, 27th August 1909
d: Wednesday, 23rd July 1980
Nigel Kingsley
b: 1953
Paul Tropea
Boy Outside Parliament
Rosetta Tropea
Girl Outside Parliament
Roy Lansford
b: Saturday, 25th February 1928
d: Friday, 6th February 2009
Josephine Gillick
Elizabeth Cromwell
Edward Kemp
Harold Coyne
Alex Lewis
b: Saturday, 27th August 1910
d: Saturday, 23rd October 2010
George A. Cooper
(scenes deleted)
Timothy Dalton
Prince Rupert