The End


Burt Reynolds
Lawrence Gordon
Cliff Wenger
Paul Williams

6th February 2001


Robby Benson
the priest
b: Saturday, 21st January 1956
James Best
Pacemaker patient
b: Monday, 26th July 1926
d: Monday, 6th April 2015
Harry Caesar
hospital orderly
b: Saturday, 18th February 1928
d: Sunday, 12th June 1994
Dom DeLuise
Marlon Borunki
b: Tuesday, 1st August 1933
d: Monday, 4th May 2009
Norman Fell
Dr. Samuel Krugman
b: Monday, 24th March 1924
d: Monday, 14th December 1998
Sally Field
Mary Ellen
b: Wednesday, 6th November 1946
Myrna Loy
Maureen Lawson
b: Wednesday, 2nd August 1905
d: Tuesday, 14th December 1993
Jock Mahoney
Old Man
b: Friday, 7th February 1919
d: Thursday, 14th December 1989
Strother Martin
Dr. Waldo King
b: Wednesday, 26th March 1919
d: Friday, 1st August 1980
Walter Matthau
b: Friday, 1st October 1920
d: Saturday, 1st July 2000
Kristy McNichol
Julie Lawson
b: Tuesday, 11th September 1962
Frank McRae
male nurse
b: Wednesday, 3rd June 1942
Pat O'Brien
Ben Lawson
b: Saturday, 11th November 1899
d: Tuesday, 15th November 1983
Carl Reiner
Dr. Maneet
b: Monday, 20th March 1922
Burt Reynolds
Wendell Sonny Lawson
b: Tuesday, 11th February 1936
d: Thursday, 6th September 2018
Robert Rothwell
limousine driver
b: Thursday, 20th November 1930
d: Saturday, 22nd July 2006
David Steinberg
Marty Lieberman
b: Sunday, 9th August 1942
Alfie Wise
male nurse
b: Wednesday, 17th November 1943
Joanne Woodward
b: Thursday, 27th February 1930