The Flight Of The Phoenix


Robert Aldrich

Based on the Elleston Trevor novel, a cargo plane en route to Benghazi crash-lands in the desert hundreds of miles from anywhere and with no distress signal sent. The small group of survivors sweat it out in the heat whilst trying to formulate their own rescue plan.
Extremely tense, enjoyable and realistic drama/adventure headed by some big names. ~ The Lord

The Ultimate Junkyard Wars. Survivors of a plane crash endeavour to build a new aircraft from the wreckage. One of those great "they-don't-make-'em-like-that-anymore" films. ~ The Sloth

See also: Flight Of The Phoenix (2004)

3rd May 2004


James Stewart
Frank Townes
b: Wednesday, 20th May 1908
d: Wednesday, 2nd July 1997
Richard Attenborough
Lew Moran
b: Wednesday, 29th August 1923
d: Sunday, 24th August 2014
Peter Finch
Captain Harris
b: Thursday, 28th September 1916
d: Friday, 14th January 1977
Hardy Krüger
Heinrich Dorfmann
b: Thursday, 12th April 1928
Ernest Borgnine
Trucker Cobb
b: Wednesday, 24th January 1917
d: Sunday, 8th July 2012
Ian Bannen
b: Friday, 29th June 1928
d: Wednesday, 3rd November 1999
Ronald Fraser
Sergeant Watson
b: Friday, 11th April 1930
d: Thursday, 13th March 1997
Christian Marquand
Dr. Renaud
b: Tuesday, 15th March 1927
d: Wednesday, 22nd November 2000
Dan Duryea
b: Wednesday, 23rd January 1907
d: Friday, 7th June 1968
George Kennedy
b: Wednesday, 18th February 1925
d: Sunday, 28th February 2016
Gabriele Tinti
b: Monday, 22nd August 1932
d: Tuesday, 12th November 1991
Alex Montoya
b: Saturday, 19th October 1907
d: Friday, 25th September 1970
Peter Bravos
William Aldrich
Barrie Chase
Farida (in a mirage)
b: Friday, 20th October 1933

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