The Flying Serpent

Killer with Wings


Sam Newfield
(as Sherman Scott)
Producers Releasing Corporation

Eccentric and cranky archaeologist Zucco discovers the hidden treasure of the Aztecs hidden away in the mountains of New Mexico, where it is guarded by the flying serpent god himself, Quetzalcoatl. Zucco then attempts to use the god for his own purposes, mainly to destroy those who get in his way. He doesn't count on a mystery writer conducting a inquiry live on the radio into his first victim's death, though.

Enjoyable and efficent PRC quickie is basically a remake of The Devil Bat, with Quetzalcoatl (who looks like the little brother of The Giant Claw) taking the place of the bat. The cast is game, the comic relief is fairly amusing for once, and all in all there are much worse things (and much worse PRC films!) to spend an hour with, perhaps as a prelude to watching Q - the Winged Serpent.

P.S.: The best scene occurs towards the end when Eddie Acuff gets tangled in his headset and quite audibly mutters "S--t!"

-Dave W.

The Flying Serpent
1st February 1946

59 mins

The Flying Serpent
13th July 1999

59 mins

George Zucco
Professor Andrew Forbes
Ralph Lewis
Richard Thorpe
Hope Kramer
Mary Forbes
Eddie Acuff
Jerry 'Jonesy' Jones
Wheaton Chambers
Louis Havener
James Metcalf
Dr. John Lambert
(as James Metcalfe)
Henry Hall
Sheriff Bill Hayes
Milton Kibbee
Superintendent Hastings
(as Miltin Kibbee)
Budd Buster
Head of Inquest
Terry Frost
Vance Bennett
Radio Announcer
Mr. Grant, Station Manager
Dr. Wagner

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