Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan


Rob Hedden
Production company

Jason Voorhees is inadvertently released from his watery grave at Crystal Lake, boards a luxury boat and heads for New York, where he blends in nicely without anyone giving a second thought to the fact that there is a guy with a chewed-up face wearing a hockey mask and walking among them. This time he is quite specific in one particular target, whilst making corpses of a few people who "get in the way" during his mission.
Tame entry in the flagging series, but I like it!

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28th July 1989

Friday The 13th, Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan
3rd September 2002


5th October 2004

Jensen Daggett
Rennie Wickham
Scott Reeves
Sean Robertson
Barbara Bingham
Miss Colleen Van Deusen
Peter Mark Richman
Charles McCullough
Martin Cummins
Wayne Webber
Gordon Currie
Miles Wolfe
Alex Diakun
Deck Hand
V.C. Dupree
Julius Gaw
Saffron Henderson
J.J. Jarrett
Kelly Hu
Eva Watanabe
Sharlene Martin
Tamara Mason
Warren Munson
Admiral Robertson
Kane Hodder
Jason Voorhees
Todd Shaffer
Jim Miller
Tiffany Paulsen
Suzi Donaldson
Timothy Burr Mirkovich
Young Jason
Fred Henderson
Chief Engineer Jim Carlson
David Jacox
Other Boxer
Samuel Sarkar
Michael Benyaer
Roger Barnes
Irish Cop
Amber Pawlick
Young Rennie
Vinny Capone
Street Urchin
Peggy Hedden
New York Waitress
Ken Kirzinger
New York Cook
David Longworth
Sanitation Engineer
World Trade Center
World Trade Center

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