The House By The Cemetery

Quella villa accanto al cimitero


Lucio Fulci

A doctor moves his wife and young son into an abandoned house overlooking a cemetery in New England (actually Massachusetts) in order to do some research, unaware of two murders which had taken place there previously.....or is he? Also, there is something not quite dead lurking in the cellar.

Typical of this early 80s slasher genre, this contains the usual gruesome killings, albeit a bit more graphic than the usual run-of-the-mill we are accustomed to. This led to a long-time ban in both the USA and the UK (it was one of the many listed on the Video Nasties list until recently.)

14th August 1981

87 mins


Catriona MacColl
Lucy Boyle

Paolo Malco
Dr Norman Boyle

Ania Pieroni
Ann, the babysitter

Giovanni Frezza
Bob Boyle

Silvia Collatina
Mae Freudstein

Dagmar Lassander
Laura Gittleson

Giovanni De Nava
Dr Freudstein

Daniela Doria
Sheila, first victim

Gianpaolo Saccarola
Daniel Douglas, librarian

Carlo De Mejo
Mr Wheatley

John Olson

Elmer Johnsson
Cemetary Caretaker

Ranieri Farrara
Dr Steven Peterson

Teresa Rossi Passante
Mary Freudstein

Lucio Fulci
Professor Muller

World Trade Center
World Trade Center

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