How The West Was Won


John Ford
Henry Hathaway
George Marshall

Epic 19th century western which follows groups of families striving for a better life as they travel west across the prairie land of America, surviving the Civil War, Indians and hardship along the way.

An all-star cast feature in a picture so huge that it took three top directors to shoot it. Three separate lenses were used to film the picture at a total width ratio of (2.89:1). This is further projected in the fully restored crystal-clear, pixel perfect Blu-Ray release, which boasts the most incredible picture quality I have ever seen on any hi-def disc.

•2-disc Blu-Ray edition includes:
*Fully restored 2.89:1 widescreen edition of the movie
*Alternate "Smilebox version" (the picture is curved to accomodate the extreme wide lens)
*Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio
*Audio commentary
*Theatrical Trailer

20th February 1963

162 mins

How The West Was Won (MGM/UA)
28th July 1998

155 mins

How The West Was Won
12th September 2000

155 mins

9th September 2008

164 mins

29th September 2008

162 mins

Three Disc Edition
29th September 2008

162 mins

Carroll Baker
Eve Prescott
b: Thursday, 28th May 1931
Lee J. Cobb
Marshal Lou Ramsey
b: Friday, 8th December 1911
d: Wednesday, 11th February 1976
Henry Fonda
Jethro Stuart
b: Tuesday, 16th May 1905
d: Thursday, 12th August 1982
Carolyn Jones
Julie Rawlings
b: Sunday, 28th April 1929
d: Wednesday, 3rd August 1983
Karl Malden
Zebulon Prescott
b: Friday, 22nd March 1912
d: Wednesday, 1st July 2009
Gregory Peck
Cleve Van Valen
b: Wednesday, 5th April 1916
d: Thursday, 12th June 2003
George Peppard
Zeb Rawlings
b: Monday, 1st October 1928
d: Sunday, 8th May 1994
Robert Preston
Roger Morgan
b: Saturday, 8th June 1918
d: Saturday, 21st March 1987
Debbie Reynolds
Lillith Prescott
b: Friday, 1st April 1932
d: Wednesday, 28th December 2016
James Stewart
Linus Rawlings
b: Wednesday, 20th May 1908
d: Wednesday, 2nd July 1997
Eli Wallach
Charlie Gant
b: Tuesday, 7th December 1915
d: Tuesday, 24th June 2014
John Wayne
General William Tecumseh Sherman
b: Sunday, 26th May 1907
d: Monday, 11th June 1979
Richard Widmark
Mike King
b: Saturday, 26th December 1914
d: Monday, 24th March 2008
Brigid Bazlen
Dora Hawkins
b: Friday, 9th June 1944
d: Thursday, 25th May 1989
Walter Brennan
Col. Jeb Hawkins
b: Wednesday, 25th July 1894
d: Saturday, 21st September 1974
Andy Devine
Corporal Peterson
b: Saturday, 7th October 1905
d: Friday, 18th February 1977
Raymond Massey
Abraham Lincoln
b: Sunday, 30th August 1896
d: Friday, 29th July 1983
Agnes Moorehead
Rebecca Prescott
b: Thursday, 6th December 1900
d: Tuesday, 30th April 1974
Harry Morgan
General Ulysses S. Grant
b: Saturday, 10th April 1915
d: Wednesday, 7th December 2011
Thelma Ritter
Agatha Clegg
b: Tuesday, 14th February 1905
d: Tuesday, 4th February 1969
Spencer Tracy
b: Thursday, 5th April 1900
d: Saturday, 10th June 1967
Rodolfo Acosta
Grant gang member
b: Thursday, 29th July 1920
d: Thursday, 7th November 1974
Mark Allen
Colin Harvey
b: Friday, 16th April 1920
d: Wednesday, 21st May 2003
Kem Dibbs
b: Sunday, 12th August 1917
d: Thursday, 28th March 1996
Jay C. Flippen
b: Monday, 6th March 1899
d: Wednesday, 3rd February 1971
Barry Harvey
Angus Harvey
Jack Lambert
Gant henchman
b: Tuesday, 13th April 1920
d: Monday, 18th February 2002
John Larch
b: Sunday, 4th October 1914
d: Sunday, 16th October 2005
Tudor Owen
Parson Alec Harvey
b: Thursday, 20th January 1898
d: Tuesday, 13th March 1979
Jamie Ross
Bruve Harvey
Bryan Russell
Zeke Prescott
b: Wednesday, 3rd December 1952
d: Monday, 3rd October 2016
Harry Dean Stanton
Gant gang member
b: Wednesday, 14th July 1926
d: Friday, 15th September 2017
Lee Van Cleef
b: Friday, 9th January 1925
d: Thursday, 14th December 1989
Beulah Archuletta
Indian Woman
b: Friday, 16th August 1912
d: Tuesday, 28th October 1969
Robert Banas
Dance Hall Dancer
b: Friday, 22nd September 1933
Willis Bouchey
b: Friday, 24th May 1907
d: Friday, 26th August 1977
David Brian
Lilith's attorney
b: Wednesday, 5th August 1914
d: Thursday, 15th July 1993
Charlie Briggs
Flying Arrow Barker
b: Sunday, 13th November 1932
d: Wednesday, 6th February 1985
Paul Bryar
auctioneer's assistant
b: Monday, 21st February 1910
d: Friday, 30th August 1985
Walter Burke
wagon poker player
b: Tuesday, 25th August 1908
d: Saturday, 4th August 1984
Ken Curtis
Union Soldier
b: Sunday, 2nd July 1916
d: Monday, 29th April 1991
Christopher Dark
Poker player
b: Wednesday, 21st April 1920
d: Friday, 8th October 1971
Craig Duncan
James Marshall
Sol Gorss
b: Sunday, 22nd March 1908
d: Saturday, 10th September 1966
Tom Greenway
b: Saturday, 5th June 1909
d: Friday, 8th February 1985
James Griffith
Poker player
b: Sunday, 13th February 1916
d: Friday, 17th September 1993
William Henry
Staff Officer
b: Tuesday, 10th November 1914
d: Tuesday, 10th August 1982
Jerry Holmes
Railroad Clerk
Roy Jenson
b: Wednesday, 9th February 1927
d: Tuesday, 24th April 2007
Stanley Livingston
Prescott Rawlings
b: Friday, 24th November 1950
J. Edward McKinley
b: Thursday, 11th October 1917
d: Friday, 30th July 2004
Harry Monty
b: Friday, 15th April 1904
d: Tuesday, 28th December 1999
Bob Morgan
Member of Train Robbery Gang
b: Tuesday, 14th November 1916
d: Monday, 22nd February 1999
Cliff Osmond
b: Friday, 26th February 1937
d: Saturday, 22nd December 2012
Harvey Parry
b: Monday, 23rd April 1900
d: Wednesday, 18th September 1985
Jack Pennick
Corporal Murphy
b: Saturday, 7th December 1895
d: Sunday, 16th August 1964
Gil Perkins
b: Saturday, 24th August 1907
d: Sunday, 28th March 1999
Walter Reed
b: Thursday, 10th February 1916
d: Monday, 20th August 2001
Chuck Roberson
Union soldier/stunts
b: Saturday, 10th May 1919
d: Wednesday, 8th June 1988
Gene Roth
Riverboat Poker Player
b: Thursday, 8th January 1903
d: Monday, 19th July 1976
Joe Sawyer
Ship's officer
b: Wednesday, 29th August 1906
d: Wednesday, 21st April 1982
Jeffrey Sayre
Auction Spectator
b: Monday, 3rd December 1900
d: Thursday, 26th September 1974
Mickey Shaughnessy
Deputy Stover
b: Thursday, 5th August 1920
d: Tuesday, 23rd July 1985
Clinton Sundberg
Hylan Seabury
b: Monday, 7th December 1903
d: Monday, 14th December 1987
Karl Swenson
Train conductor
b: Thursday, 23rd July 1908
d: Sunday, 8th October 1978
Russ Tamblyn
Confederate deserter
b: Sunday, 30th December 1934
Ken Terrell
River Pirate
b: Friday, 29th April 1904
d: Tuesday, 8th March 1966
Harry Wilson
Cattleman at Barricade
b: Monday, 22nd November 1897
d: Wednesday, 6th September 1978
Carleton Young
Poker Player with Cleve
b: Saturday, 21st October 1905
d: Monday, 7th November 1994

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