It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World


Stanley Kramer
Ernest Gold
Ernest Laszlo
William Rose

A group of eight people travelling in four separate vehicles witness the apparent suicide of a lunatic driver one morning up in the mountains. When they attempt to find out if the driver (Durante) is ok, he uses his dying words to inform them of a large amount of money which is buried in a park in California under "a big W". The group initially discuss in a half-reasonable manner on how to retrieve the loot and share it amongst themselves....but this plan is short-lived when it becomes apparant that it has become a every man for himself scenario and the race is on to get there first. What they don't realise is that the police are hot on their trail.

Classic comedy with a surprisingly big-star cast which is both long and enjoyable.

The DVD prints are cut by 50+ minutes, which accounts for some of the cast listed below being missing.

7th November 1963


2nd December 1963

Spencer Tracy
Capt. T.G. Culpeper
b: Thursday, 5th April 1900
d: Saturday, 10th June 1967
Milton Berle
J. Russell Finch
b: Sunday, 12th July 1908
d: Wednesday, 27th March 2002
Sid Caesar
Melville Crump
b: Friday, 8th September 1922
d: Wednesday, 12th February 2014
Buddy Hackett
Benjy Benjamin
b: Sunday, 31st August 1924
d: Monday, 30th June 2003
Ethel Merman
Mrs Marcus
b: Saturday, 16th January 1909
d: Wednesday, 15th February 1984
Mickey Rooney
Ding Bell
b: Thursday, 23rd September 1920
d: Sunday, 6th April 2014
Dick Shawn
Sylvester Marcus
b: Saturday, 1st December 1923
d: Friday, 17th April 1987
Phil Silvers
Otto Meyer
b: Thursday, 11th May 1911
d: Friday, 1st November 1985
Col. J. Algernon Hawthorne
b: Monday, 10th July 1911
d: Monday, 8th January 1990
Jonathan Winters
Lennie Pike
b: Wednesday, 11th November 1925
d: Thursday, 11th April 2013
Edie Adams
Monica Crump
b: Saturday, 16th April 1927
d: Wednesday, 15th October 2008
Dorothy Provine
Emmeline Finch
b: Sunday, 20th January 1935
d: Sunday, 25th April 2010
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
Second cab driver
b: Monday, 18th September 1905
d: Monday, 28th February 1977
Jim Backus
Tyler Fitzgerald
b: Tuesday, 25th February 1913
d: Monday, 3rd July 1989
Ben Blue
Airplane pilot
b: Thursday, 12th September 1901
d: Friday, 7th March 1975
Joe E. Brown
Union official
b: Thursday, 28th July 1892
d: Wednesday, 6th June 1973
Alan Carney
Police Sergeant
b: Wednesday, 22nd December 1909
d: Wednesday, 2nd May 1973
Chick Chandler
Detective outside Chinese laundromat
b: Wednesday, 18th January 1905
d: Friday, 30th September 1988
Barrie Chase
Sylvester's Girlfriend
b: Friday, 20th October 1933
Lloyd Corrigan
b: Tuesday, 16th October 1900
d: Wednesday, 5th November 1969
William Demarest
Chief Aloysius
b: Saturday, 27th February 1892
d: Wednesday, 28th December 1983
Andy Devine
b: Saturday, 7th October 1905
d: Friday, 18th February 1977
Selma Diamond
Mrs. Culpeper
b: Thursday, 5th August 1920
d: Monday, 13th May 1985
Peter Falk
3rd cab driver
b: Friday, 16th September 1927
d: Thursday, 23rd June 2011
Norman Fell
Detective at crash site
b: Monday, 24th March 1924
d: Monday, 14th December 1998
Paul Ford
Col Wilberforce
b: Saturday, 2nd November 1901
d: Monday, 12th April 1976
Stan Freberg
Deputy Sheriff
b: Saturday, 7th August 1926
d: Tuesday, 7th April 2015
Louise Glenn
Billie Sue Culpeper
Leo Gorcey
Cab driver
b: Sunday, 3rd June 1917
d: Monday, 2nd June 1969
Sterling Holloway
Fire Chief
b: Wednesday, 4th January 1905
d: Sunday, 22nd November 1992
Edward Everett Horton
b: Thursday, 18th March 1886
d: Wednesday, 30th September 1970
Marvin Kaplan
b: Monday, 24th January 1927
d: Thursday, 25th August 2016
Buster Keaton
Jimmy the Crook
b: Friday, 4th October 1895
d: Tuesday, 1st February 1966
Don Knotts
Nervous Driver
b: Monday, 21st July 1924
d: Friday, 24th February 2006
Charles Lane
Airport Manager
b: Thursday, 26th January 1905
d: Monday, 9th July 2007
Mike Mazurki
b: Wednesday, 25th December 1907
d: Sunday, 9th December 1990
Charles McGraw
Lt. Matthews
b: Sunday, 10th May 1914
d: Wednesday, 30th July 1980
Cliff Norton
b: Thursday, 21st March 1918
d: Saturday, 25th January 2003
Zasu Pitts
Switchboard Operator
b: Monday, 3rd January 1898
d: Friday, 7th June 1963
Carl Reiner
Tower control
b: Monday, 20th March 1922
Madlyn Rhue
b: Wednesday, 3rd October 1934
d: Tuesday, 16th December 2003
Roy Roberts
Policeman outside Irwin & Ray's
b: Monday, 19th March 1900
d: Wednesday, 28th May 1975
Arnold Stang
b: Saturday, 28th September 1918
d: Sunday, 20th December 2009
Nick Stewart
Migrant Truck Driver
b: Tuesday, 15th March 1910
d: Monday, 18th December 2000
Joe de Rita
b: Monday, 12th July 1909
d: Saturday, 3rd July 1993
Larry Fine
b: Sunday, 5th October 1902
d: Friday, 24th January 1975
Moe Howard
b: Saturday, 19th June 1897
d: Sunday, 4th May 1975
Sammee Tong
Chinese Laundryman
b: Sunday, 21st April 1901
d: Tuesday, 27th October 1964
Jesse White
Radio tower operator
b: Thursday, 4th January 1917
d: Thursday, 9th January 1997
Jimmy Durante
Smiler Grogan
b: Friday, 10th February 1893
d: Tuesday, 29th January 1980
Jack Benny
Helpful Driver
b: Wednesday, 14th February 1894
d: Thursday, 26th December 1974
John Clarke
Helicopter Pilot
Nicholas Georgiade
Detective at crash site
b: Saturday, 25th March 1933
Don C. Harvey
Policeman in Helicopter
b: Tuesday, 12th December 1911
d: Tuesday, 23rd April 1963
Robert Karnes
Police Officer Simmy
b: Tuesday, 19th June 1917
d: Tuesday, 4th December 1979
Tom Kennedy
Traffic Cop
b: Wednesday, 15th July 1885
d: Wednesday, 6th October 1965
Ben Lessy
b: Tuesday, 29th April 1902
d: Friday, 30th October 1992
Bobo Lewis
Pilot's Wife
b: Friday, 14th May 1926
d: Friday, 6th November 1998
Jerry Lewis
Dangerous driver
b: Tuesday, 16th March 1926
d: Sunday, 20th August 2017
Bob Mazurki
Eddie (miner's son)
Eddie Ryder
Air Traffic Control Tower Staff
b: Wednesday, 31st January 1923
d: Saturday, 29th March 1997
Doodles Weaver
Hardware Store Clerk
b: Thursday, 11th May 1911
d: Monday, 17th January 1983
Paul Birch
b: Saturday, 13th January 1912
d: Saturday, 24th May 1969
Stanley Clements
Detective in Squad Room
b: Friday, 16th July 1926
d: Friday, 16th October 1981
Howard Da Silva
Airport Officer
b: Tuesday, 4th May 1909
d: Sunday, 16th February 1986
Minta Durfee
b: Tuesday, 1st October 1889
d: Tuesday, 9th September 1975
Roy Engel
b: Saturday, 13th September 1913
d: Monday, 29th December 1980
James Flavin
b: Monday, 14th May 1906
d: Friday, 23rd April 1976
Stacy Harris
Police Radio
b: Friday, 26th July 1918
d: Tuesday, 13th March 1973
Allen Jenkins
Police Officer
b: Monday, 9th April 1900
d: Saturday, 20th July 1974
Harry Lauter
Police Dispatcher
b: Friday, 19th June 1914
d: Tuesday, 30th October 1990
Barbara Pepper
b: Monday, 31st May 1915
d: Friday, 18th July 1969
Migrant Truck Driver's Wife

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