Teeny Poppers

Saturday, 15th November 1986

Series 1, Episode 10

A&E are on hand to deal with a young Asian man who has taken an accidental overdose and a woman suffering from post-natal depression who has made a suicide attempt. Megan becomes a patient as she begins to come to terms with her cancer, Kuba gets a ticking off when he tries to start a raffle with the patients in an attempt to raise money for a new ventilator, and Ewart is confronted by his estranged daughter.

Bernard Gallagher
Ewart Plimmer
Derek Thompson
Charlie Fairhead
Brenda Fricker
Megan Roach
Julia Watson
Barbara 'Baz' Samuels
George Harris
Clive King
Christopher Rozycki
Kuba Trzcinski
Catherine Shipton
Lisa 'Duffy' Duffin
Robert Pugh
Andrew Ponting
Debbie Roza
Susie Mercier
Victoria Hasted
Gillian Plimmer
Nigel Anthony
Ted Roach
Charu Bala Chokshi
Mrs. Patel
Jane Evers
Mrs. Cunningham
Amardeep Kaushall
Amrit Patel
Shelley King
Rama Patel
Fiona Laing
Val Lorraine
Charity Collector
Cristina Patterson Ceret
Sister Philips
Craig Wise
Julia Chambers
Christine Holland
Bruce Purchase
Dorota Zieciowska

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