Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Long Shot

Sunday, 27th November 1955
 9:30 pm CBS

Series 1, Episode 9

A gambler heavily in debt to his creditors after losing on a horse race is desperate to get out of town. He answers an advertisement in the newspaper for a traveling companion to accompany him on a long drive south, a real chatterbox who loves nothing more than to chat about London. When the gambler discovers the man is the heir to a large fortune he prompty sets about trying to relieve him of it.... but there's yet another twist....

Sunday, 27th November 1955CBS2130Alfred Hitchcock PresentsThe Long Shot

Alfred Hitchcock
Himself - Host
Peter Lawford
Charlie Raymond
John Williams
Walker Hendricks / English Jim
Gertrude Hoffman
Margaret Stoddard
Robert Warwick
Matthew Kelson
Frank Gerstle
Police Sgt. Mack
Charles Cantor
Tommy DeWitt
Tim Graham
Virginia Christine

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