Fawlty Towers: 2 The Builders

Fawlty Towers
2 The Builders

Friday, 26th September 1975
 9:00 pm BBC2

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John Cleese
as Basil Fawlty
Connie Booth
as Polly
Prunella Scales
as Sybil Fawlty
Andrew Sachs
as Manuel
Ballard Berkeley
as Major Gowan
David Kelly
as O'Reilly
Gilly Flower
as Miss Agatha Tibbs
Renee Roberts
as Miss Ursula Gatsby
James Appleby
as Stubbs
George Lee
as Delivery Man
Michael Cronin
as Bert Lurphy
Michael Halsey
as Jones
Barney Dorman
as Kerr
Pat Gorman
as Hotel Guest Who Forgot Key
Judy Rodgers
as Sybil's Friend