The Invaders
The Innocent

Tuesday, 14th March 1967

Saturday, 1st April 1967ITV2000InvadersThe Innocent

Tuesday, 14th March 1967ABC2030InvadersThe Innocent

Roy Thinnes
David Vincent
William Smithers
Nat Greely
Patricia Smith
Edna Greely
Katherine Justice
Helen - Vincent's Girlfriend
Michael Rennie
Dabney Coleman
Captain Mitchell Ross
Robert Doyle
Sgt. Walter Ruddell
Frank Marth
Alien #1 AKA Calvin Adams
Paul Carr
Billy Stearns
Johnny Jensen
Young Nat Greely
Harry Lauter
Alien #2 AKA Ed Poole
Erik Holland
M.P. Alien
Dick Wesson
Introductory Narrator (voice)
William Woodson
Narrator (voice)

Patrick H├ębrard: Vidcaps