The Invaders: Moonshot

The Invaders

Tuesday, 18th April 1967
 8:30 pm ABC

Paul Wendkos
Paul Wendkos

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Roy Thinnes
as David Vincent
Peter Graves
as Sgt. Gavin Lewis
Joanne Linville
as Angela Smith
John Ericson
as Commander Hardy Smith
Kent Smith
as Stan Arthur
Anthony Eisley
as Lt. Col. Tony LaCava
Richard X. Slattery
as Riley
Paul Lukather
as Deputy Correll
Strother Martin
as Charlie Coogan
John Lupton
as Major Clifford Banks
Robert Knapp
as Lieutenant Colonel Howell
Ross Elliott
as PIO McNally
John Carter
as Owens - Alien
Charles McDaniel
as Roberts
(as Charles A. McDaniel)
Steve Cory
as Attendant
Morgan Jones
as First Reporter
Lee Millar
as Second Reporter
Bob Duggan
as Third Reporter
Ollie O'Toole
as Fourth Reporter
as Lt. Col. Martin Daniels
Tom McDonough
as Guard
Mark Russell
as Photo Reporter
Steve Ferry
as Technician
Dick Wesson
as Introductory Narrator (voice)
William Woodson
as Narrator (voice)

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