The Invaders: Summit Meeting: Part II

The Invaders
Summit Meeting: Part II

Tuesday, 7th November 1967
 8:30 pm ABC

Don Medford
Don Medford

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Roy Thinnes
as David Vincent
William Windom
as Michael Tressider
Eduard Franz
as Premier Thor Halvorsen
Michael Rennie
as Vice Chancellor Pierre Alquist
Diana Hyland
as Ellie Markham
Richard Eastham
as Carl Vanders
Jay Lanin
as Alquist's Aide
Lew Brown
as Aide
Hank Simms
as Journalist No. 1
Dick Wesson
as Journalist No. 1
(as Hank Simms)
Troy Melton
as Journalist No. 2
Albert Carrier
as Frenchman
Lee Farr
as Alquist's Man
Morgan Jones
as Guard
Don Ross
as Reporter
Lex Johnson
as EURAC Information Officer
Hal Riddle
as Man
Gilchrist Stuart
as Reporter
Dan Frazer
as Reporter
John Mayo
as Alien
Ted Knight
as Summit Attendee (Voice)
William Woodson
as Narrator (voice)

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