The Invaders: The Pursued

The Invaders
The Pursued

Tuesday, 5th March 1968
10:00 pm ABC

William Hale
William Hale

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Roy Thinnes
as David Vincent
Suzanne Pleshette
as Anne Gibbs
Will Geer
as Hank Willis
Kent Smith
as Edgar Scoville
Dana Elcar
as Sheriff Tom Halloway
Richard O'Brien
as Prof. Charles McKay
Gene Lyons
as John Corwin
Mary Jackson
as Hattie Willis
Eldon Quick
as Antique Store Proprietor
Michael McGreevey
as Eddie McKay
(as Mike McGreevey)
Barry Williams
as Boy on Bike
as Taxi Dispatcher
Orwin C. Harvey
as Alien
United States Capitol
as United States Capitol
Dick Wesson
as Introductory Narrator (voice)
William Woodson
as Narrator (voice)

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