The Wednesday Play: Sir Jocelyn, the Minister Would Like a Word ...

The Wednesday Play
Sir Jocelyn, the Minister Would Like a Word ...

Wednesday, 13th January 1965
 9:25 pm BBC1

Stuart Burge

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2nd March 2010

Michael Hordern
as Sir Jocelyn Symonds
Alec McCowen
as Private Secretary
John Phillips
as Forbes-Wainwright
John Phillips
as Forbes-Wainwright
Derek Francis
as Minister
James Maxwell
as Donald Prior
Leonard Maguire
as Burke Farringdon
Gerald Cross
as Myles Beresford
Felix Felton
as Philip Clewes
Colin Jeavons
as Barry Raines
John Kidd
as Rendel Smith
Christopher Benjamin
as Dan Royston
Frank Williams
as John de la Poeur Whiting
Philip Dunbar
as Gerald
George Howe
as Torquil Flute
Wallace Campbell
as Alderman
William Lyon Brown
as Alderman
Steven Berkoff
as Councillor
Frank Littlewood
as Spectator