The Wednesday Play: The Sad Decline of Arthur Maybury

The Wednesday Play
The Sad Decline of Arthur Maybury

Wednesday, 29th October 1969

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2nd March 2010

Roland Culver
as Arthur Maybury
Lally Bowers
as Mrs. Scott
Valerie White
as Mrs. Perry
John Ringham
as Schoolmaster
Barbara Atkinson
as Miss. Price
Matthew Robertson
as Mr. Russell
John Savident
as Mr. Brummitt
Richard Aylen
as Mike
Michael Beint
as Town hall attendant
Janie Booth
as Radio woman
Heather Canning
as Mrs. Carstairs
Jane Carr
as June
Jeremy Child
as Man
Sylvia Coleridge
as Paula
Paul Farrell
as Council employee
Angela Galbraith
as Woman in pub
Robert Gillespie
as Pickthorn
Sheila Grant
as Berryl Forbes
Paul Greenhalgh
as Shop assistant
Joan Hart
as Radio woman
Maurice Hedley
as Elderly gentleman
Harry Littlewood
as Dave
Wesley Murphy
as Roy
Jeffrey Segal
as Mr. Dumpton
Peter Stenson
as Man
Kit Taylor
as Barman
Robert Wilde
as Man in pub