Saturday, 6th November 1976
 9:30 pm ITV

While renovating their farmhouse a young couple find a mummified thingy in a jar hidden in the wall. This can't be good.

Nigel Kneale's Beasts was a must-see series in 1976 with the tone of the episodes ranging from quirky to comic to balls-to-the-wall horror. Baby is the latter.
Time has not been kind to the special effects which does lessen the impact of what I thought at the time was the creepiest ending of anything ever.

Saturday, 6th November 1976ITV2130BeastsBaby

Jane Wymark
Jo Gilkes
Simon MacCorkindale
Peter Gilkes
T.P. McKenna
Dick Pummery
Mark Dignam
Arthur Grace
Norman Jones
Stan Biddick
Shelagh Fraser
Dorothy Pummery