Kraft Suspense Theatre
One Tiger to a Hill

Thursday, 3rd December 1964
10:00 pm NBC

Jewel thief's protege attempts a coup.

Time filler, featuring a smug Barry Nelson and a nice ice queen turn by Diane McBain. Directed by 50s monster movie specialist, Jack Arnold, although you'd never know.

The "Kraft Suspense Theatre" title card was switched for the "Crisis" one when this show went into syndication.

Thursday, 3rd December 1964NBC2200Kraft Suspense TheatreOne Tiger to a Hill

Barry Nelson
Colin Neal
James Gregory
Lieutenant Wade
Diane McBain
Diana Weston
Peter Brown
Chris Forrester
Warren Stevens
Detective Sgt. Phil Hadley
Roger Til
Jacques / the maitre'd
Thalmus Rasulala
The Police Sergeant (as Jack Crowder)
John Biroc
The Bartender
John Crowther
The Bellhop
Lou Byrne
Alicia Wainwright
Linda Burton
The Woman