Rumpole of the Bailey: Rumpole and the Family Pride

Rumpole of the Bailey
Rumpole and the Family Pride

Thursday, 26th November 1992

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- Complete Boxed Set
1st May 2006

Leo McKern
as Horace Rumpole
Marion Mathie
as Hilda Rumpole
Abigail McKern
as Elizabeth 'Mizz Liz' Probert
Denis Lill
as Mr. Bernard
Patrick Ryecart
as Lord Richard Sackbut
Geraldine Alexander
as Lady Rosemary Sackbut
John Nettleton
as Dr. Hugo Swabey
Alan Rowe
as Dr. Malkin
Stuart Golland
as Mr. Tonks
Faith Brook
as Mrs. Petronelli
John Horsley
as Lord Plunger Plumpton
Roger Brierley
as Mr. Cursitor
Donald Pickering
as Gavin Bastion
Christina Greatrex
as Pippa Bastion
Lucy Bayler
as Annabel Yarrowby
George Malpas
as Old Arnie
Peter Benson
as Walter 'The Wally' Wilkinson
Charles Edwards
as Police Officer
Tony Melody
as Saggers
Jo Kendall
as Castle Guide