Churchill's People: A Rich and Beautiful Empire

Churchill's People
A Rich and Beautiful Empire

Monday, 31st March 1975

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John Turner
as Sir Walter Raleigh
Alfred Lynch
as King James I
Gareth Thomas
as Laurence Kemys
John Nettleton
as Sir Francis Bacon
Hugh Dickson
as Sir Robert Cecil
Peter Halliday
as Sir George Carew
Richard Morant
as George Villiers
Graham Armitage
as Lord Cobham
Basil Dignam
as Lord Henry Howard
Tony Osoba
as Leonard
Ann Morrish
as Lady Elizabeth
Robert Gillespie
as Sir William Wade
Noel Johnson
as Chief Justice Popham
Neville Jason
as Count Gondomar
Frank Duncan
as Sir James Hay
Steven Scott
as Harry, the Indian
Kevin Brennan
as Sailor
Hugh Janes
as Wat Raleigh