Man Of Science, Man Of Faith

Wednesday, 21st September 2005
 9:00 pm ABC

Bad Robot
Production Company
Touchstone Television
Production Company

Series 2, Episode 1

Continuing on from where the first season ended; the hatch door has been blown off and Locke is determined to go inside it, despite the protests of Jack, who then returns to the beach to advise the survivors they will be safe. The flashbacks are of Jack's attempts to save an injured woman's (Sarah - his future wife) back from paralyzing her forever. Back at the hatch, Kate is eager to help Locke discover what is down there and becomes the first to descend into its darkness. Meanwhile Shannon loses the dog and upon searching for it in the darkness of the jungle she is sure she has just seen something very disturbing indeed....

Note: many of the cast billed in the opening credits do not actually appear in this episode.

Wednesday, 21st September 2005ABC2100LostMan Of Science, Man Of Faith

Naveen Andrews
Sayid Jarrah
Emilie de Ravin
Claire Littleton
Matthew Fox
Jack Shephard
Jorge Garcia
Hugo ''Hurley'' Reyes
Maggie Grace
Shannon Rutherford
Malcolm David Kelley
Yunjin Kim
Sun Kwon
Evangeline Lilly
Kate Austen
Dominic Monaghan
Charlie Pace
Terry O'Quinn
John Locke
Julie Bowen
Henry Ian Cusick
Desmond Hume
Katie Doyle
David Ely
Masayo Ford
Julius Ledda
Anson Mount
John Terry
Dr. Christian Shephard

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