Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Planet of the Slave Girls: Parts 1 & 2

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Planet of the Slave Girls: Parts 1 & 2

Thursday, 27th September 1979

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Gil Gerard
as Capt. William "Buck" Rogers
Erin Gray
as Col. Wilma Deering
Tim O'Connor
as Dr. Elias Huer
David Groh
as Major Duke Danton
Roddy McDowall
as Governor Saroyan
Brianne Leary
as Ryma
Macdonald Carey
as Dr. Mallory
Karen Carlson
as Stella Warden
Michael Mullins
as Regis Saroyan
Buster Crabbe
as Brigadier Gordon
Jack Palance
as Kaleel
Felix Silla
as Twiki
Mel Blanc
as Twiki
Robert Dowdell
as Galen
Sheila DeWindt
as Major Fields
Don Marshall
as Julio
Diane Markoff
as Female Pilot
June Whitley Taylor
as Woman
Borah Silver
as Husband
Michael Masters
as Worker
Don Maxwell
as Guard
Eric Server
as Dr. Theopolis
William Conrad
as Narrator (voice)